9 Things Java Programmers Ought to Learn in 2018

First of all, I would like you a awfully happy yr, guys. It’s that point of year once we begin anew, make plans, set goals, and build resolutions for the yr.

Being a Java developer and also the author of a Java diary, I oftentimes receive requests from Java programmers from everywhere the globe asking however they will improve themselves.

In the past, I actually have shared my ten tips to become a stronger engineer, and each basketball shot that article still holds true, however as long as it is a yr, I actually have determined to write new resolutions for Java programmers to boost themselves, enhance their information of Java programming, and increase their price for future career growth.

So while not wasting any further time, let’s have a look at my 9 concepts for Java programmers within the yr, 2016. you’ll take inspiration from these concepts to make your own goals and resolutions.

Learn Java Performance standardisation

In the last a handful of years, I actually have taken quite fifty interviews for senior Java developers, and one ability that I clearly see lacking is information and understanding regarding JVM internals, gigacycle behavior, and Java performance standardisation.

As your Java expertise grows Best Advanced Java Training In Bangalore Marathahalli and you become a senior Java developer with quite 5-6 years of expertise, it’s expected from you to understand each the massive image and also the little details regarding Java’s fundamentals.

If you cannot profile Associate in Nursing application or cannot comprehend why it’s slow or the way to build it quick, then you must scan a decent book on JVM internals and performance standardisation, e.g Scott Oaks’ trade edition Java Performance the Definitive Guide.

Everyday committal to writing for two hours

Another factor I detected last year is that as your expertise grows, you pay it slow on coordination, replying to emails, being a catalyst, troubleshooting, mentoring, and usually being a project manager reasonably person.

What you left behind is committal to writing, that is that the single most vital ability for a engineer.

If you are feeling that you just aren’t doing enough committal to writing, then build a resolution to code on a daily basis. At least, write one thing, be it on your project, Associate in Nursing open supply framework, a library, or a utility.

Since beginning is that the most troublesome factor, I counsel that any time you are feeling resistance, begin reading and refactoring code for fun. you’ll relish that and, within the method, you’ll conjointly write code.

Profile Your Java application Once a Month

This resolution is hooked up with the primary resolution regarding reading a decent book on JVM internals and performance standardisation. simply reading the book won’t be enough. you’ve got to use that information in your live project.

I counsel you profile your Java application, a minimum of once a month and pay a decent quantity of your time understanding Advanced Java Courses In Bangalore Marathahalli and analyzing the results.

You can conjointly take a heap dump of your Java method or, if you had a recent crash, then take that heap dump and determine that object is taking most of your memory. Is there a memory leak in your Java application?

Participate in committal to writing Challenges

This goal is, again, somewhat associated with our second resolution – write code on a daily basis for two hours. Let’s face it, sometimes, you do not have enough probabilities in your live project to code.

If you’re starving for difficult code, then there’s nothing higher than taking part in programming and committal to writing challenge.

There square measure several websites on the net that host programming challenges and provides you the chance to check your skills, however TopCoder is just the simplest.

Learn schedule in Java

One more factor I actually have learned from interviewing individuals is that Java developers have to be compelled to improve their socket programming and networking fundamentals.

I have asked several queries from my list of Java networking programming queries, however most developers fail to answer most of them.

Some of them even struggle to stipulate the key variations between communications protocol and UDP, that i assumed was too basic to raise any Java developer of 2-5 years of expertise.

If you are feeling that you just haven’t gotten enough chance to find out socket programming in Java or that you just do not have to be compelled to as a result of you’re Java internet developer operating with JSP, Servlet, and JSF, then I counsel you scan a minimum of one sacred writing on Java networking, NIO, and socket programming.

Java 9

The year 2017 saw a handful of massive releases, and one in all them was JDK nine. I actually have nevertheless to start out with JDK nine, however this is often the primary factor i’m progressing to check up on in 2018. If you would like to find out new options of Java nine, e.g. Jigsaw, Reactive Streams, API enhancements, etc.,

Spring 5.0

Another huge unleash for the Java world in 2017 was Spring Framework 5.0. With countless exciting options, e.g. reactive programming model and adoption of Java eight and nine, Spring 5.0 adoption goes to hurry up in 2018, and that is why each Java developer ought to learn it

Spring Security 5.0

Another attention-grabbing unleash of 2017, that i’m progressing to learn in 2018, is Spring Security 5.0. Spring Security 5.0 was a serious unleash, and that they rewrote a handful of modules and glued many hundred bugs. the foremost attention-grabbing half is that the OAuth a pair of.0 module. sadly, there aren’t several resources to find out Spring Security 5.0 at the instant, however fortunately, Eugen has updated his Learn Spring Security to hide version 5.0 and conjointly added a replacement module on OAuth a pair of.0.

Unit Testing

If you would like to become a stronger developer in 2018, then you must work on your unit testing skills. And not simply unit testing, however machine-controlled testing normally. This conjointly includes integration testing. you’ll learn JUnit 5 and alternative advance unit testing libraries like Mockito, PowerMock, Cucumber, and golem to require your unit testing ability to next level. Mockito is actually powerful and permits you to write down a unit check for complicated categories by mocking dependencies and simply that specialize in the objects beneath check.


That’s my advice! If you’re a Java engineer with a handful of years of expertise, you’ll conjointly take inspiration from this list to line your goal. another belongings you will augment this list square measure learning mechanical man, Docker, and Spark, as those square measure essential for any Java programmers.

I have purposefully unbroken this easy and accomplishable as a result of I in person believe that tiny successes cause huge successes. Setting little goals and achieving them is healthier than setting huge, impractical goals and failing before kick-off.

So what square measure you waiting for? Write down your resolutions for the yr and share them with North American country. At the top of the year, you’ll return here and tell North American country regarding what quantity you achieved.

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