10 Things Should Be Know Before Dive Into Machine Learning

Machine Learning is used for the development of software and algorithms that make future predictions based on data. This technology is used in the field of data analytics for trends and insights of data.

10 Things should be known before Dive Into Machine Learning are:

1. Mathematical Foundations: The things should be known before startining Machine Learning is mathematical foundations. The mathematical algorithms and libraries code are required the basic knowledge of calculus and algebra. This technology models that learn time mathematical foundations and optimization techniques.

2. Programming Language: The things should be known before start ML is programming language. The knowledge of programming languages like Python, Ruby, Perl, R is to implement the algorithms to deal with code structures. It is important to extract, process and analyse data. It being availability of inbuilt libraries and online community.

3. Computer Science Fundamentals: The things should be known before joining ML is computer science fundamentals. Computer Science is basically aware of data algorithms, structures and complexity in the computer architecture. It provides the basic of data structure, database systems, performance tuning, recursion, object oriented programming and visualisation of data.

4. Data Analysis: The things should be known before startining Machine Learning is data analysis. Data Analysis is deal with dataset to understand the data features and signals which are used for predictive models. The data analysis in ML is to improve the products and understand the user behaviour. It is essential and importance for competencies and data sets.

5. Basic Linear Algebra: The things should be known before start ML is basic linear algebra. Basic linear algebra is deals with matrices and vectors. The linear algebra is transforming several operations on the datasets. The linear algebra is used in algorithms such as PCA, SVD, etc. It is working in data in the form of multi-dimensional matrices and important for deep learning.

6. Types of Machine Learning: The things should be known before ML is types of ML. The three types of ML Technology are Supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement. Supervised learning is uses labelled data, unsupervised learning is used unlabelled data and reinforcement is reward based. It behaves in dynamic environment by performing actions.

7. Probability Theory and Statistics: The things should be known before start Machine Learning is probability theory and statistics. Probability theory and statistics ML is determine to set of techniques it finds the correct distribution of data. It helps for taking decisions and solving problems. Algorithms of ML are basically based on statistics and probability.

8. Knowledge of Python: The things should be known before learning Machine Learning is knowledge of python. The knowledge of Python is become the essential and popular field in ML. It requires python programming language for writing codes that contains basic construction like functions, lists, loops, definitions, invocations and conditional expressions.

9. Data Modelling and Evaluation: The things should be known before learning Machine Learning is data modelling and evaluation. Data Modelling and evaluation is used for finding the patterns and instances. It is a key part of estimation process that choose appropriate accuracy measure and evaluation strategy. It is important for applying standard algorithms and for estimation process.

10. Software Engineering and System Design: The things should be known before start Machine Learning is software engineering and system design. Software engineering and system design is used in this ML technology to create small components that fits in large ecosystem. System design is scale algorithms that to increases volume of data and avoid bottlenecks.

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The companies which are using Machine Learning are Google, Uber, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, IBM, Instagram, Twitter, Apple, Facebook, Qubit, Intel, Salesforce, Pin drop, Pinterest, Edge case, Baidu, Hub spot, Mazda, Yelp, Walmart, KPMG, Big basket, Morgan Stanley, Fractab, etc.

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