Tips For Choosing IT Support Services For Your Business

There was a time when most businesses could resolve IT problems with an internal team. Now there are too many things to consider before developing and implementing a plan that provides the IT support Chicago and other business locations require for smooth information technology operations. Some organizations have a fully staffed, up-to-date IT department with the capability of planning future strategies while taking care of current needs. If your business is short on qualified IT personnel, it’s time to contract an outside IT consultant for an independent QA (quality assessment) and review of your operations, especially projects nearing the development phase.

Finding the Right IT Consultant

Make a short list of the IT solutions your Chicago business requires. Perhaps data security is questionable, or you believe your IT team needs additional training in cybersecurity matters. Tailor your request to address your concerns and share it with the IT support services company you contact to match the ideal candidate for your consideration. Here are some hints to find the right provider.


There are quite a few cybersecurity providers in the area that list several areas of expertise on their website, including offsite data storage and firewall security. The best selection usually involves a company that has recently worked in your area of need. Ask if that type of service has been given to clients during the last six months. If so, request company names and contact information. Call the customers and ask their opinion on the quality of service and attention to detail.

2. Intensity of Needed Support

Businesses that have insufficient IT resources frequently contract long-term support. Other companies may seek temporary support to address a specific matter. If a long contract is on your agenda, pick a consultant from a company with multiple services. Both of you will likely form a trusted business relationship that lasts for years.

3. Years in Business

Prospective clients should always consider the number of years an IT support Chicago firm has been in business. Low or negative profits cause most startups to fail within three years. You don’t want to lose a trusted consultant because his or her company folds. Interview prospective providers with at least five years in their current company.

4. Rate the Interview

Ask for a free consultation so you can describe your situation before selecting a consultant and provider. It’s normal for most IT providers to look the same on paper. The following guidelines for a consultation will help you determine which is the best for your needs.

Who does the talking? It’s vital that the provider listens to your concerns to form a strategic solution. Does the provider and/or consultant take command of the conversation and offer solutions before you’ve explained thoroughly? Thank them for their time and seek out a company that respects your time and concerns.

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