How is Voting Pad Useful?

The voting pad is the best solution for teaching and learning for students and teachers. It is a technological device used to get feedback. Wireless Response system is widely used in institutes, training centers, corporate offices, schools, colleges etc. Response system helps to get immediate feedback on any topic from the audience. It generates reports instantly and 100% error free.

This RF response system consists of Clickers, Receiver, Presenter card and software. The receiver is a medium by which user can connect himself through software. Event’s organizer creates PowerPoint slides of questions related to the topic on which he wants to get feedback. They use presenter card to control slide while users use clickers (voting pads) which are also called Audience Response System, to give responses on corresponding slides. After closing polls, the software of response system immediately generates reports and its graphical representation which is easy to analyze. Spontaneous and error-free report saves our precious time which may lose in creating result manually. Reports can be saved for future.

In the classroom, response system creates an exciting environment among students. The teacher teaches the lesson to the students and simply asked questions related to the lesson. Students give the answer using their individual clicker simply by pressing buttons. Quick reply by students, helps tutors to know the understanding level of each student. If they need, they can repoll on the same topic or move for further discussion. They can organize quizzes, test for students simply by making PowerPoint slides of different questions. Response system also allows the student to discuss any sensitive topic and makes them attentive. After the discussion, they use student response system to give their response anonymously. It creates an excitement in students and hence increases the participation level. The increment in participation level and development of understanding level in student give better institution record.

The wireless electronic voting pad also used in the conference. Suppose in a meeting, have a number of candidates. We have to get their feedback on a large number of the data file. It is more difficult to get the response from each candidate on each topic manually. It is stressful and time losing to analyze their feedbacks. To reduce this problem, electronic clickers is the best solution. Its remove the burden of assessment of large data. This system is purely wireless. Using wireless voting pad, audiences give their responses from anywhere within its receiver range.

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