How Do Top Qa’s Test Their Android Apps?

Even though Mobile App developers will convince you and insist that the Apps that they have developed will bring about greater consistency and more efficiency, there is every chance that such Apps will crash. This crash takes place anywhere, whether the App is running on iOS or Android. Bottom line, Apps crash, no matter what is said to sell them to you. However, there are more significant complaints from some users that their devices crash apps more than others. Their counterparts on the other hand, have little experience with their Apps crashing. Why does it happen? Do their devices have a hand in crashing these apps? The answer is yes. However, these devices are not alone in causing this app crashes. Sometimes, the apps themselves have issues with them which cause these crashes. We will look at some of these.

An article on Gizmodo reported in July 2013 that the world-market has about 12,000 types of Android-powered mobile devices. It was garnered that these Android devices ran on eight different varied versions of the same OS. It means developing Android apps is an entirely different business from developing iOS apps. The devices powered by iOS are not much, and because of this, it is easy for developers to test the app without hitches. The Android app testing is another ball game altogether because of the different, varied versions.

As Android devices gain popularity, the term fragmentation has also grown alongside it. This fragmentation found in Android ecosystem is there because it’s easily accessible. Any mobile device manufacturer can make use of the system. They customize it so it will fit the hardware environment of their devices. In this way, they create various versions of the same OS. Also, there is no standard screen size or processor. Although mobile application developers have confirmed that apps that they develop will provide greater consistency and stay longer, their apps crash in the end. It can be prevented anyway if you take the steps below seriously.

First of all, to properly test an Android app, you must have with you at least two different devices which run on Android OS. This is so you can check them on both devices. Using this two devices will help you find out if one app is compatible with at least two separate versions of Android OS. Cheap Android-powered devices can be easily acquired on eBay, so your testing can flag off.

Invoke the assistance of your friends and family so they can help you in testing this app. This will give your app a more extensive range of testing and enables you to discover which device it is compatible with and which it is not. See the testing of your Android app as something public, where you can ask for the help of your family and friends. A large number of people in your circle with Android-powered devices will make it possible for you to be able to try out the apps in different versions of the OS and develop different versions of your app so it will be compatible with various devices. This approach is practical and will help you overcome the nagging barriers.

Having a group of friends who are rooted in the online Android App development world will also help you during the testing. In this way, you can even ask people online to help with the testing, thus widening your range. In the end, the most crucial tip in testing an Android app is finding out how it works in different Android-powered devices, albeit with varied versions of the same OS.

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