Get To Know IT Staff Augmentation vs In-House Hiring Recruitment

Get To Know IT Staff Augmentation vs In-House Hiring RecruitmentSeveral enterprises worry about hiring the required technical resources within a limited budget. Many of them like to first know the answer to this question, “how much does the recruitment cost?” while hiring particular employees. It is a highly debatable topic when deciding between IT staff augmentation services and in-house employee hiring.

Undoubtedly, companies find every possible way to save organizational costs to an optimum extent. Recruitment is one such area where numerous organizations want to save hiring costs and still attain experienced talent.

In today’s fast-paced and remote working scenario, IT staff augmentation and in-house recruitment are two modes of hiring models available. Many find it hard to implement the right resource hiring model based on the requirement. On top of that, determining the hiring cost is another dilemma that most companies face.

Therefore, this blog is particularly framed to clear the dilemmas by letting you understand the two hiring models. Also, know what is the cost of staff augmentation services and in-house hiring.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation services are an external resource hiring strategy available for enterprises to hire specialized staff on-demand. Unlike the end-to-end IT outsourcing services that allow your external partner to develop the complete software project on your behalf. Augmentation is more in the terms of taking up professional technical resources for limited or short-term project requirements.

This staffing method complements your current in-house team with a specific skill, talent, experience, and industry-level expertise. The augmented staff member will work remotely as part of your team and remain under your control despite being provided by the augmentation company.

What is the Cost of Staff Augmentation in India?

Now, considering the cost of staff augmentation in India, you need not ascertain the internal and external costs of hiring. There is no such additional recruitment cost is involved in terms of profile selection, lengthy interview process, on-boarding, and in-house training. This staffing strategy is providing instant technical resource availability on a contract basis.

There is a contract between you (as a hiring company) and the staff augmentation company (the one who provides the resource). Therefore, no such expected cost is involved as paying for health insurance, on-the-job training, travel allowance, or anything like that.

Precisely, you can save at least 20-30% on the recruitment cost while relying on the staff augmentation hiring model.

What is In-House Hiring?

The most common recruitment option is the in-house hiring process. This involves the respective HR department of an organization looking for the desired choice of candidates, filing the profiles, contacting them for an interview, and final hiring. A hiring model that you are already aware of due to having an in-house recruitment team.

But there is one thing that you might not know is that in-house recruitment is not the only option you have for hiring required candidates. There are other models available depending on your project requirements. Still, in-house hiring has its important to hire and retain professional and experienced candidates representing your brand.

What is the Cost of In-House Hiring?

The recruitment cost of in-house hiring fully depends on the formula of CPH (Cost-per-hour). CPH is the average amount of money that your company spends on the employee. It includes all the internal and external costs of a member working for your company. 

Moreover, it is the figure that helps you ascertain the total cost of hiring and maintaining your in-house team of experts.

How IT Staff Augmentation is Better for You?

There are various reasons for seeking assistance from the IT staff augmentation company to hire and save a considerable amount of cost.

  • Helps reduce hiring costs, full-time salaries, and other expenses.
  • Contract hiring flexibility to hire resources in dire need of talent and further scale down accordingly.
  • Improve the internal specialization of employees by collaborating with an industry-level external expert.
  • Complete project control in the hands of the hiring company and make certain changes without any hassle.

How In-House Hiring is Better For You?

In-house hiring of the required technical candidates has its own set of perks like the following:

  • Increased reliability over in-house employees that work closely within the organization and can do several tasks on priority.
  • Better communication with the employees especially at the last minute of changes in the software project.
  • Flexibility to grow the talent pool either by hiring more in-house members or external resourcing.

Wrapping Up 

Cost is an inevitable factor to take into consideration while recruiting new and experienced talent for the software development project. Staff augmentation and in-house hiring are two effective models to recruit talent either on a short-term or long-term basis.

Depending on the lowest cost factor, rely on augmenting the desired staff members and save approximately 30% of the recruitment cost. Concerning the same, raise your requirement with OrangeMantra as one of the leading IT staff augmentation companies providing a reliable resource.

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