Freemium Vs Entry-level PIM – A Deep Analysis

Freemium Vs Entry-level PIM - A Deep Analysis

Well, you start a business online or offline, you do everything by yourself but as your business comes into the bigger picture you can’t look after everything alone and you need to focus on a more important factor that is the growth of your business. 

You need to have control over your business and to make it successful on the e-commerce platform you need PIM-Product Information management, to handle your business online. Thereby having a PIM manages your website and lets you grow. To compete with other competitors in the internet world is not an option but a necessity and you need PIM. 

What is PIM software?

PIM software is an implementation tool that helps business owners and retailers to the manufacturer to control the product content, manage product information and store relevant product content in a secure place. Product information is securely saved on one single platform.

In simpler terms, PIM can collect data from different sources and sort that data into one useful piece of information. With PIM you will have reliable and relevant product content/data by your side, which will never get misplaced. PIM is a tool to manage, store, save, and sort out product content into a product catalog.

Benefits of PIM software

All companies need their data to be stored securely and maintain their data without missing out on a thing, but having different software for that is a hectic thing to handle because you need to enter your records on that different software too. 

By using PIM software that has an auto-synchronization system and does all entries by itself there is no need to have much hesitation about keeping your entries securely stored. Let’s see how this algorithm of PIM works.

  • Picking up all data and keeping them where they belong without mixing them up. 

  • Detecting errors and fixing them as soon they are spotted. 

  • Using the keywords they optimize SEO with every product and pages associating them.

  • Offering the requirement and reducing cart abandonment. Syncing images, videos, and product details in all the sections which were used before by the brand. 

  • Auto-catalog updates feature, which improves the experience of customers to shop and select the product they are trying to find.

  • Assuring that you can find what you want in a single catalog. PIM is useful for the newcomers to find a specific product and help them to shop quickly. 

  • PIM helps visitors to find by minimizing clicks which makes their experience better as they find the products with minimal clicks.

  • Renewal and updating catalogs becomes easier and it improves shopping experiences.

  • Ensues all information showing on the websites are true and genuine. It validates content before releasing it on public sources to stay relevant.

What type of company needs a PIM Solution

Every company needs the PIM. Some are wise enough to understand its importance while some are fool enough to ignore its importance because they are unaware of the benefits of PIM. Be it a small, growing, or large company, PIM’s demand is increasing day by day. 

When a company has a large pool of product data and thousands of Vendors, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and brands, they need PIM to take care of the product information. The larger data you have, there are more chances of errors and higher chances of loss of product data.

A company dealing with large data will make errors in mismatching product data amongst channels. The outdated data will roam in the system more than the relevant data will. The half-filled data will take over the actual data. Your customers may see a product that does not exist with you anymore. To avoid such misery, you need PIM.

Those companies who are trying to set their foot in the global market, also need PIM. PIM has many features that help businesses in reaching towards Global scalability. Thus, companies dealing with a huge amount of data and companies that are on edge of globalization need PIM. 

What is Freemium PIM?

A freemium PIM is a software that helps you in understanding the worth of your business and helps you in unfolding the part of the business that you never come across. 

Before opting for this software as your ultimate solution for managing product content, you can have a trial of some of the few features. Most Freemium products have some restrictions that can be either used only once or can be used for a certain period of time or you need to choose directly a premium option.

Pros & Cons of Freemium PIM


  • Beginner Friendly: Freemium PIM is beginner-friendly and can be beneficial for a new user to experience users or to potential users who needs to get started with the PIM. The PIM software introduces a much ordinary exchange of data with low case entry boundaries.

  • Set workflows: A PIM with Freemium services are suitable for those businesses that have pre-defined workflows and in near future are not going to require any update in workflow pattern.

  • No commitment: You can run the trial version for yourself and before putting your eggs in the basket of this software, you can separate the price structure with its features. If you do not feel the software is up to the mark; it does not bound you to any commitment.


  • Revenue killer: Freemium PIM premium category does not have features that boost up your revenues. Necessary elements are missing in the premium version and that is a revenue killer as you have paid a fortune for a premium version.

  • Low capacity: Import or export of data and server limited usage are possessed and locked on the versions of Freemium And thus, the ability of wonders of Freemium remains in the dark to the customers who are on a free trial. 

  • Limited support: This software does not understand the business needs of individuals. It has accepted the rule of- “One size fits all.” This PIM does not support the unique business’s unique demands. 

What’s an Entry-level PIM?

Entry-level PIM is a full package that understands your business needs completely without putting in many efforts. The paid service of it is something extraordinary as it provides extra features, better speed, good timing and has better capacity. 

An entry-level PIM helps in creating a better customer experience and thus is the best suit for e-commerce that is the mindset of sales growth. The best thing about this PIM implements solutions more rapidly, and controls product information with more security.


Both are the winners in their respective fields, but entry-level PIM gives more features to its users and helps them achieve higher revenues. Entry Level PIM is the more feasible option between these two tools. Although, based on individual business needs, the verdict may vary. One might find Freemium more suitable than Entry-level PIM. 

If you do not want to miss out on anything and do not want to leave anything on chances, then better be try both software and learn which suits best to your requirement.

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