A Sneak Peak Into Which Platform is More Secure – iOS vs Android

Both the platform occupy the majority of mobile OS shares which amounts to 94%. Android is far more popular compared to iOS due to its open source nature.

As a consumer, you might have heard about mobile hacks that keep happening now and then.

When it comes to operating system, a lot of factors decide whether they are secure or not. Technically, both have a strong security point. However, there is fundamental ecosystem difference that can bring more hacks to one platform compared to another.

When it comes to raw numbers, iOS seems to be more secure compared to Android. This can be partially correct because Apple including their App store completely controls iOS. For Android, the story is a little different. Anyone can download the whole operating system and find loopholes and hack into apps easily. However, Android has drastically improved their security performance in the recent years with the release of Android O. It has stringent security guidelines and offers better security control over the past Android OS.

Now, let’s try to understand the different aspects of both operating systems that affect its security parameter.

Security Updates

No platform is 100% secure. It is common for an operating system to have bugs and exploits that require constant fixing over the course of time. That’s why you will find both Android and iOS platform release constant security updates. However, the problem lies somewhere else. For an Android user, it is not compulsory to install the security update. He can simply ignore it and keep using the current version.

For iOS users, however, it is not the case as they have to install the update and just cannot ignore it completely. This simple difference makes iOS more secure compared to Android.

Diversity and Distribution

If you are already using Android, you already know how diversified the platform is. You can find not only a different version of Android roaming around but also different variations that are created by companies for their smartphones.

Customization around the brand is also not new, as companies such as Xiaomi, OnePlus and others release their version of the Android operating system. This leaves the different versions vulnerable to hacking and exploits. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not secure. These same companies also release security updates from time to time, making sure that they can hold off hackers from breaching into the operating system.

App Stores Ecosystem

App Stores/Play Store plays a crucial role in managing the security of each operating system. Android has a very open stance when it comes to Play Store. They do have a process of app approval. However, they just cannot match the App Store approval process. Apple controls everything including which app makes it to their App store.

They take their brand seriously and thus only approve the apps that they think will do justice to their ecosystem. This also ensures that less security vulnerable apps get through and land in the App Store. Android’s open source nature also makes it easy for hackers to hack apps on a regular basis.


In the world of security, hardware also plays an important role in determining the OS’s security. Android is an open platform which means that each manufacturer is free to create the hardware for their smartphones the way they like. This can lead to hardware-level security problems.

Apple, on the other hand, has far better control over their hardware and thus provides better security. Also, it needs to be understood that hardware security bugs or exploits just cannot be fixed by a software update.

2018: Which OS is more secure?

With all the above-stated points, it should be clear by now that Android is less secure compared to iOS. iOS has a distinct advantage as Apple completely manages it in a closed ecosystem. Android, on the other hand, has an open ecosystem, but it leads to a less secure platform. However, this should deter you from using any of the platforms as they both are fairly secure for normal day-to-day usage.

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