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Any grand celebration with international guests calls for very high preparations in terms of logistics. And along with that, a business phone service provider or a master solution provider can certainly come in handy. There are two kinds of master solution provider in the United States – some have been there since the early part of the 20th century such as AT&T. AT&T Long Distance belongs to the category of a business phone service provider. Others have mushroomed as recent as 1995 along with the discovery of the Internet such as XO Communications. In fact, XO Communications has its own division called XO Colo dedicated to enterprise clients which have more than one collocation branches.

It is XO Colo where the company I’m working which is handling this event of global scale, the World Music Championships in Los Angeles, is subscribed. We subscribe to voice over IP service so we don’t pay for huge long distance charges anymore. Instead, we pay a fixed amount every month to the business phone service provider. There are many advantages of the voice over IP service. First of all, if you subscribe within a certain holiday such as Memorial, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday or the start of spring break, the business phone service provider will give you tremendous discounts. During non-holidays, they hide promo codes within microsites, blogs or pages within their main website as Easter eggs and you can search for these promo codes and call the business phone service provider if you want to subscribe. The installation fee is usually waived once you’ve got these promo codes and occasionally, they will give the last mile wire for free in case your collocation is some distance away from the business phone service provider center.

During installation, the XO Communications MIS team will conduct a one-day crash seminar to your employees so they will be familiarized with the system. The warranty is set at a year but there is a lockout period of six months. If you want to be disconnected before the six-month period, then you have to pay a certain fee. But the records for lockout period disconnections are virtually nil since all business phone service providers in the United States are competitive. Both their customer service and technical support are definitely excellent such as actual troubleshooting on the field, phone support, chat support and email support. So get hooked to a provider today.

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