Which Phone Systems Are Best For Small Businesses

Modern small office phone systems have improved a lot recently; they’re much faster, cheaper and help boost productivity while keeping you in touch with your customers and suppliers.

With many small office phone systems to choose from, it comes down to choosing those with the features you require, so here are some of the top picks with some of their features:


Nexgen boasts a strong network running speed which helps to ensure your phone system is always operational. They have a great helpful customer service as well as the features you would expect from a market leader, including voicemail, caller ID, unlimited calling, live chat, online surveys and analytics


RingCentral offers its customers an all-in-one VoIP telephone communication system where your calls are transmitted on the internet rather than telephone networks. This helps to make them more flexible, reliable as well as customizable. They offer over 50 modern features and the ability to integrate your small office phone system with Dropbox, G0Suite and Microsoft.


Grasshopper will turn your smart phone as well as your desk phone into your small business phone system so you can a make call anywhere while being on the go and switch between phones easily. They also have a great customer support team keeping you in touch 24/7 so are ideal if you often out and about.

Ooma Office Phone Systems

Ooma office phone systems are ideal for small business without a dedicated IT department. Their small office phone systems can be set up easily in 15 minutes. Their virtual receptionist can take calls when everyone is busy. It features more than 5 other useful apps like remote extension dialling and is very cheap to operate.


Comsource is an Australian based one stop phone company with VoIP technology; they provide mobile apps cordless and corded conference phones as well as many features idea for small office phone systems.


8×8 is a cloud based small office phone system that’s ideal for companies that expect to grow quickly as it can be effortlessly upgraded to suit any sized business and offers all the features you need

Modern small office phone systems can be integrated with customer relationship management software (CRM) that helps give your customer s a better experience ensuring you more effectively manage and follow up all your business leads for a more harmonious relationship for both parties.

Features such as call distribution mean you customer are not kept waiting and can quickly reach the right person. Recorded information messages help customers find the right information and staff member to answer their queries.

When looking for small office phone systems to suit your business it really boils down to which services you require:

Nexgen has proved to be a great all-rounder

RingCentral offers the most advanced and useful features

Grasshopper is ideal for those who spend lots of time out of the office

Comsource offers advance conference features

8×8 is a leader for people who make a lot of long distance calls

With many, great small office phone systems it pays to take a good look at the different options each company provides and consider your own unique business needs then ask for quotes and assessments from the different providers.

Having a focal, simple to utilize correspondence framework guarantees there’s moment correspondence, consistently accessible between all the organization’s representatives. This maintains a strategic distance from postponements and assists with boosting efficiency. At the point when somebody needs guidance or an answer for an issue utilizing a telephone gives the guest a moment reaction. The quickness of a ringing telephone makes disregarding them more troublesome than informing frameworks so they are increasingly successful.

With the capacity for a guest to be exchanged or moved to some other telephone guarantees all workers can be kept educated and situated whenever in any case where they are

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