What is The Importance of Telephone Communication in Business?

The world’s communications systems are advancing dramatically, socially many people have moved from using the telephone to using social media, text messaging and emails, this has partly been because of the high cost of live telephone calls and partly for convenience. However the importance of telephone systems for small business has remained constant, this is due to the limitations of these other communication methods which are unlikely to replace telecommunication for business purposes.

Video is now becoming an important aspect of many telephone calls with the advantages of communicating by speaking not likely to change as:

  • Talking on the Phone with your customers is more personal

People often desire the personal touch when shopping and talking directly with your customers helps to build trust and a solid relationship

• Conversational Tone

People listen not only to the words, but also the overall tone of the conversation to decide whether to act positively or negatively, so spoke word’s are a much more powerful way of doing business

• Immediate response

When talking on the phone you can get an immediate response to questions without having to wait for a sent answer, so it’s much quicker, people often require an immediate answer

• Choice of methods

When using the telephone, you also have the choice of leaving a voice mail if you can’t reach the person you want. This means you can give a much quicker message and it’s usually much clearer than using text or the restrictions on some social media sites

  • Sensitive issues

Issues that are sensitive are better done using your voice rather than messaging as you can use your voice to sound as sympathetic, pleasant and accommodating as required in your message, something that is very hard to accomplish with written messages or symbols.

When you make a business telephone call to someone, it suggests to them that you consider it’s important, were as sending a text suggests that it’s not so important or urgent and can possibly not give a good impression to the recipient.

• More Secure

Although a telephone conversation can be recorded or overheard, generally it’s over and done with when the parties hang up so there are no problems with a message being sent to the wrong party or misused as can happen with text messages and emails. It’s also often much harder for people to misunderstand the spoken word rather than a shorter text that may miss some vital elements

  • The telephone can be used for group teleconferencing

This can be a great way to save time and also reduce the traveling expenses related to having a conference with people from different places. All delegates to the conference can remain in their own offices with all their normal infrastructure and have the full advantage of a live audio-video conference via their phones.

The same system can be used for educational presentations, making it a very valuable and useful application or your telephone systems in or for small business

The telephone is one of the most important communication tools for businesses, although it can be expected to change in format and the different options it comes with, the humble phone is still the main way we use our voices to communicate over long distances.

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