Vital Things to Know Before Opting For Dutch Language Course in Kolkata A Beginner’s Guide

So you’ve finally decided to delve deep and plunge into learning Dutch language. Well, it will prove to be decisive for your career and pave the way for various prestigious employment opportunities. It is because bilingual or multilingual speakers who have proficiency over another foreign language along with English do get the competitive edge.

But before embarking on the challenge of learning Dutch or enrolling in a Dutch language course in Kolkata, there are a few crucial things that you must take into account.

Is the language hard or easy to master?

Well, you can find learning it difficult if you’re not fluent on English or perhaps never had an exposure to a foreign language before. For mastering Dutch language, fluency in English or German can make your task easier. Studies also demonstrate that if you’re fluent in multiple languages, then you’ll be able to pick up another language faster.

On the other hand, pronunciation of the language and the order of words can be tricky. But there is good news for learners as more than 1,500 words are derived from English language. They already exist in the English dictionary, which can be a big encouragement for those learners who’re beginners and know English well.

Choose a course that will be suitable for you

There are countless institutes where you can learn Dutch. The eligibility duration, curriculum, course structure, fees, and facilities differ from one institute to another. So don’t forget to do research online and make sure the institutes you’ve shortlisted are highly reputed & renowned.

There are certificate, diploma and advanced diploma Dutch language course in Kolkata. Foreign language institutes present online and face to face courses, short-term and long-term programs. You should go for a course keeping in mind your career objectives and schedule. For instance, if you’re working, opting for an online or virtual learning course will be appropriate. It will easily fit into your busy schedule and amidst your other commitments.

Are Dutch words & expressions similar to German?

Dutch and German words are like Siamese twins having many similarities and you’ll start exploring them as soon you start learning. There are plenty of words in Dutch which are same as that of German. Despite the similarities, both are still different from each other.

Are there any sounds that are difficult to pronounce?

Initially for foreign language learners it is always difficult to get into the rhythm or start pronouncing the words just like natives do. Since the language involves plenty of chhhhh sounds and rolling of the letters, beginners need to invest time and practice regular speaking, reading, listening and writing habits.

Reading Dutch articles, books, blogs and other interesting contents will no doubt hone your pronunciation skills. Listening to audios by natives can also work in your favor.

Remember learning Dutch is necessary for better job prospects & mingling with the society

In Netherlands, there are plenty of people who’ve managed to stay there by communicating with English only. Even by knowing English only, you can find several jobs in the big cities. However for making career advancements and climbing your way up to a senior level, proficiency in Dutch is mandatory. Or perhaps, if you want to mingle with the society and soak in the culture or rituals, then mastering the language and becoming adept in the core areas is essential.

If you’ve decided to stay in India, then advanced linguistic skills can help you land lucrative jobs in diverse industries such as aviation, tourism, hospitality, media, it etc. It all depends on your career objectives and long-term goals.

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