The Panasonic And Meridian Norstar Office Phone System A Comparison

There’s plenty to choose from in both the Meridian Norstar office phone system and the Panasonic office phone system. The choice you make ultimately depends on the capabilities you want your system to have right now – and the capabilities you want it to have in two or three year’s time.

The Meridian Norstar office phone system is available in two basic incarnations – the Compact Plus business telephone system and the Modular Plus business phone system. The Compact Plus system is designed to be flexible and cost effective, and to immediately satisfy the requirements of a small business with 4 lines and 16 extensions that can subsequently be expanded to 8 lines and 16 extensions through an ISDN line.

The Modular Plus Meridian Norstar phone system is designed to fulfil the needs of business that use more than 16 telephones. The system starts by supporting 8 lines and 32 extensions, and can hold a massive 80 lines with 128 extensions. The Modular Plus business phone system is available in both analogue and digital formats – with analogue, all phone calls hit one central exchange number and are farmed out to extensions, while the digital version of the Meridian Norstar phone system allows every extension to have its own phone number,

The Panasonic office phone system is available as a single type – the KX-TE. Unlike the Meridian Norstar systems, which are designed to give businesses a choice between compact and modular, the KX-TE office phone system can start small and get progressively larger.

The KX-TE Panasonic office phone systems is very easy to expand – starting at 3 phone lines and 8 extensions and moving up to 6 lines and 24 extensions by simply adding extra optional cards.

While the overall capacities of the Panasonic office phone system are smaller, the features you get in the package are extremely impressive. The KLX-TE system includes the ability to use and integrate door phones as well as the desktop handset and can also act as a door opener, effectively combining office security with office communications.

The KX-TE Panasonic office phone systems may also be used with a full range of mobile communications devices, which can talk to the central hub of the office communication system via its intelligent software.

So an overall choice between Meridian Norstar phone system and Panasonic office phone systems is based on two things the size of your business, and its potential future communication needs. For a completely flexible system that can withstand even potentially massive growth, the Meridian Norstar Modular Plus is the way to go. For smaller businesses where the projection or even need for expansion is less aggressive, there are choices to be made between the Compact Plus Meridian Norstar office phone systems and the KX-TE Panasonic office phone system. Both are good choices to have.

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