The Benefits of Using Hosted Telephony And Managed Networks For Your Communication

Hosted Telephony. Allows a company to take advantage of the features offered by the latest corporate phone systems such as call queuing, call recording, voicemail, auto attendant and mobile extension without the need for a large investment in hardware and telephone lines and the ongoing management and maintenance costs. From just few pounds a business can deploy a feature rich business telephone system using the latest IP Telephone Handsets, with the flexibility of being able to work anywhere with a reliable connection to the internet

Here is a list of benefits that you can get from using hosted telephony

low costs: hosted telephony eliminates the needs to purchase a PBX, as well as the ongoing operational costs including maintenance and upgrades. All calls within your network are free of charge and costs for off-net calls are very competitive. In addition, virtual receptionist helps you to centralise your reception services. A ‘live’ receptionist answers all incoming calls in the name of your business, and then transfers the calls to the relevant person or department as requested by the caller

Reliability: Unlike Public Internet phone calling, IP telephony across managed private networks delivers better security and predictable service quality. With AlwaysON Quality of Service (QoS) you can run voice as well as data, multi-messaging and video calls over one network.
Ease of use: hosted telephony with AlwaysOn comes with a simple browser interface where additions, moves and changes can be performed by employees themselves. It also provides business management information. For example, the number of incoming or outgoing calls can be monitored and costs can be analysed by department or allocated to individual cost centres.
Improved productivity: Using the screen-based AlwaysON Voice Portal, you can define your inbound DDI call settings according to your availability, status and whereabouts (for example, Available, In a Meeting, Out of Office) that defines call-routing rules for each. These settings include the routing of your calls to one of three chosen destinations that could be set to call all three simultaneously (for example, office phone, home office and/or mobile). If you are still unavailable, your calls can then be routed to your personal AlwaysON Voicemail. Additional routing options are also available.

AlwaysOn offers 24/7, 365 days a year Technical and Customer Support, with comprehensive SLAs, to ensure that you and your customers have the best possible experience with your telephony service.

AlwaysON designs, delivers, manages and supports advanced data networks designed around secure WANs and LANs by seamlessly integrating various carriers’ access technologies with its own MPLS network backbone to provide clients with cost-effective, optimised and fully managed network solutions.

Our Virtual Network Operator (VNO) model gives you a flexible and secure network that is provider agnostic and evolves as your requirements change.

AlwaysOn will with you to help you understand your business objectives, enabling us to design and deliver solutions that meet your needs whether you are trying to cut costs, increase efficiencies or improve communication in your business.

AlwaysOn secure and resilient MPLS network provide the ideal platform for unified communications: integrated voice, data, video and mobile delivered over IP network.

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