Most Common Reasons For A Reverse Email Search Investigation

There are many reasons why a person may want to trace an email to locate or identify the name address and phone number of the sender. Here is a list and description of the most common reasons.Of course there are many other reasons but thse are the most common reasons a private investigator will deal with everyday.

1. Cyber Stalking Investigation. This is when a person receives an anonymous email of a harassing or threatening nature. The investigator will attempt to identify the sender through a reverse email search investigation. mant times this type of investigation will end up in a criminal court.

2. Infidelity Investigation This usually comes up when a person receives an email saying that their spouse is cheating on them. Many times the sender of the email will claim they are the other person in the affair. In cases like this there is often a known suspect the investigator can investigate compare identifying computer information.

3. Skip Trace or Locate Investigation This is an email investigation where you are trying to locate a person like a run away teen or a bail jumper. The investigator can email the missing person and pin point their location at the time they open an email.

4. Verify Identity Many times a person will meet and correspond with another person over the Internet and the only identifying information they have is the persons email address. It could be a potential business deal or an Internet romance but the person needs to verify the identity of the person behind the email.

5. Internet Fraud or Online Scam Sometimes a person will make a purchase or online financial transaction and then find out they have been duped out of their money by an unscrupulous merchant or auction site. The only hope they have of recovering their stolen funds is to locate and identify the buyer or seller.

5. Internet Defamation People think they are anonymous online and will make wild defamatory accusations over anonymous Internet sites. Sometimes they will even create blogs and social network sites to create false and defamatory information over the Internet.

This is a list of the most common reasons people will hire an investigator to trace an email address. If you find you have a unique problem involving email investigations don’t hesitate to contact a qualified investigator with experience in email tracing investigations.

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