How to Improve Your Communication

Communication is a skill that you can only ever improve but never master. There’s no ceiling to how good at communication you can become and the only limiter is yourself. You can communicate extremely well in one language or another and you’ll never be the perfect wordsmith that everyone understands the first time, exactly every time. Communication isn’t that simple or that easy. It’s important that everyone recognizes through that it is a skill that you can train and it’s one that you need to devote yourself too in order to succeed and make it in this world. There’s just no substitute and all the talent in the world can matter not in the face of poor communication. So if you’re working for a security guard company Los Angeles, how do you need to improve your communication?

There are quite a few ways and many more than I can possibly cover here. There is a great deal of reading to be had on the subject as improving communication is something that we as people have been striving for since we first learned to speak. It’s something we constantly are improving in even if we don’t actively understand that. It’s a muscle and every time you’re using it it’s working out. Like the rest of your body there’s a variety of different muscles though and working out one might leave the other weak if you don’t pay attention to it as well. You can have someone who is an elegant speaker when they’re talking to a crowd that will completely fold when an emergency begins. You can have someone who is normally very quiet that can take charge in the right situation. They are all exercising different strengths that they might have.

The first step towards improving anything is the recognition of your own strengths and weaknesses. This kind of self-reflection isn’t always easy for us as we tend to look outward and not inward to find the source of our problems. It’s vitally important though that you work on looking at yourself and evaluating your own communication skills and see where you need improvement so that you can work on that muscle in particular rather than constantly doing cardio to get bigger biceps. You absolutely have to tackle the areas you want to improve on specifically or it’s never going to get any better. There is no way around this and the only way to know what you need to improve on is self-reflection or…

Sometimes you can work with someone to help you improve these areas of communication. Sometimes the voice of someone else can help you see where you’re struggling and can help you find a way to work on it and ultimately improve. This can be quite helpful but it can also hurt if the other person doesn’t understand what actually needs to improve. There are coaches and the like that can work with you and help you see this sort of thing but often we don’t have the time or money for it. There are a variety of different things you can do. Just make sure you do something or you’ll be stuck where you started. Even the smallest improvement can make a difference over a long period of time. You just have to improve a little each day.

The first key to improving after you’ve found the areas that you need to work on is deceptively simple. You have to work on developing an appropriate strategy for cultivating improvement. Just like anything else, you need a regiment and a plan or it’s going to stagnate. IF you’re going to become faster you need to do exercises that focus on getting faster. The same principle applies to your communication skills. You have to have a practice regiment that works for you and will help improve the areas you want to improve.

So how exactly would you start to improve? The first way that you can improve is to practice and practice with purpose. You can run over a situation and scenarios in your head. Visualize yourself in the situation so that you know how you might respond at the moment. This is a common trick that we see athletes and other people use. It’s called visualization and it really can help you improve your communication skill and many other tasks.

The next way may seem to be counter-intuitive but you need to stop talking and listen. When you’re listening don’t listen passively. You need to take in every word that’s said and every little bit about the way that’s said. When an effective communicator is speaking every word they say is said with purpose and it has a very defined reason for being there. Listening is the only way to learn from these people. So listen.

To add to listening. When you’re just talking to someone be sure to listen and try to understand. This is a hallmark of every good communicator because communication is not a one-way street. You are not the one communicating alone. There are others. Even if you’re just writing you’re not alone. There’s always at least 2 people involved in all communication. There’s you and then there’s the other person. You absolutely can not only focus inward when you’re speaking or trying to make sure that you’re the one that’s heard. If you’re just waiting for your chance to speak then you’re not actually listening. You’re just waiting to talk and often what you have to say at that point completely disregards what the other person had to say because you weren’t listening. There is nothing that will kill communication faster than your own inability to listen. Make sure you listen and listen well. You might be surprised by what people are saying.

You also need to recognize that what you’re saying is not always the most important thing about your speaking. There are multiple layers coming into play here and the actual words you’re saying are only a small part of that puzzle. There’s also the matter of your body language and tone. If you don’t control these and you aren’t aware of what you’re saying then you can rest assured that you’re missing 2/3ds of the conversation.

All of these are effective tools when it comes to improving your own communication and helping you advance. Someone that can communicate well will have better opportunities and a better chance to succeed. If you’re looking to start a job where communication is vital then security might be your area. Talk with a security guard company Los Angeles today and find out if it’s something you should be invested in.

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