How to Block Email Address Effective Tips

Unwanted and unnecessary emails not only waste your precious time but also lead to a lot of embarrassment and frustration. A worst-case scenario could be that these spam emails could be damaging your system via different kinds of malware such as spyware, adware and viruses. These Phishing attacks have become a common source of annoyance and irritation in the present times and all email and Internet users are suffering from them at some point of time no matter what.

How To Avoid Spam?

You must be wondering if spam email addresses could be avoided or blocked? The answer to this is Yes, such email addresses can be easily blocked, and you will never be getting any kind of email message from the blocked IDs ever again.

  • The first and foremost step that would lead you to avoid such email is by making use of the Challenge Response System. This is also known as the CRS. It is a latest and an advanced anti spam system that is designed to shift the entire filtering workload to the spammer from addressee. This initially aims to acquire confirmation from the sender. The spammer generally do not dare to confirm that they are the ones who are sending the emails to you; on the other hand, if you are getting emails from a genuine and real sender, they are definitely going to provide you with appropriate and accurate confirmations. Therefore, you can easily and merely isolate the spam email addresses, get rid of them, and free your inbox from it forever.
  • One other significant source that would enable you to get rid of these redundant and pointless emails is by making use of the disposable email addresses feature. Each and every time you are going to provide someone with your email addresses that happens to be a suspicious and doubtful source, you can make use of the disposable email addresses and this is way, spam emails will never be reaching your actual email address and people who you cannot trust will never be able to send email messages directly to your real email account. You can opt for a large number of disposable email accounts with any of the Internet email services providers. this is a feature which is offered by almost all the leading service providers such as Yahoo! and Hotmail which happens to be totally safe and completely free.

You should never be inputting your email address on any of the discussion forums or any such domains that are open to public. Only pass your email IDs to people you can trust. You should be hiding your email account with appropriate coding and this is going to protect your account from all sorts of automated malicious applications.

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