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Enterprise collaboration is becoming increasingly important as businesses expand globally and across the value chain. One of the main components is the use of mobile video collaboration to instantly connect colleagues, suppliers, and customers.In industries like manufacturing, energy and healthcare, video collaboration is bringinga shrinking pool of subject matter experts to challenging situations on a daily basis. Traditionally, this kind of collaboration has been left to video conferencing solutions that are room-based or tied to the desktop. Now, there are IP video conferencing solutions that take the power of video out of the boardroom and into the field or right onto the factory floor.

Librestream’s Onsight enterprise collaboration system is the leading mobile solution used today to connectexperts to remote problems or situations.There are two main components to the Onsight video collaboration system – handheld wireless mobile devices and desktop collaboration software for the expert’s computer. The Onsight mobile devices are completely wireless and hardened to last in rugged environments. Field workers can simply call the expert’s computer from their Onsight mobile device to engage in an immediate live video collaboration session. Together, the field worker and expert can see, talk, and telestrate (draw onscreen) to isolate the issue and decide on the next steps. The expert sees more detail than the field worker who is at the problem site because of the high camera resolution capability within Onsight. As a completely standards based enterprise collaboration solution, Onsight also integrates directly to standard video conferencing solutions.

Manufacturers use the Onsight mobile devices in their own manufacturing plants, supplier plants, OEM vendor facilities, and even customer locations to share live video, talk and telestrate with remote subject matter experts. With this kind of video collaboration system, these manufacturers are able to immediately troubleshoot equipment issues, inspect first run products, perform process reviews, and even resolve product issues in the field. Instead of travelling to the problem site, these experts use video collaboration to help field workers resolve issues immediately.

For Energy and mining, IP video conferencing solutionslike Onsight remove the even longer delays and costs associated with reaching these remote locations. For example, oil & gas operators and service providers are deploying Onsight video collaboration to remotely inspect equipment, assist field workers with equipment maintenance, manage capital build-outs and even provide healthcare to rig workers.

Challenges such as wireless network availability on the rig and bandwidth consumption are now being overcome with very practical solutions. While the majority of rigs do not have wireless networks, they can implement mobile WiFi access points that are certified to meet hazardous location requirements. Enterprise collaboration solutions like Onsight can also deliver full video collaboration with as little as 60 kbps of bandwidth. This kind of low bandwidth consumption is essential for a mobile video collaboration system within energy.

As businesses become increasingly global throughout their operations and customer base, video collaboration is growing in importance. Enterprise collaboration solutions like Librestream’s Onsight are providing businesses with an essential tool thatvisually connectstheir experts leading to faster, more accurate decisions.

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