Alpha Travellers Worldwide Enjoy Cheap International Calls

Holiday makers everywhere join in excitement over the new Alpha Traveller service from Alpha Telecom, Cheap International Calls to and from any destination. Overpriced international calls from hotel lines have just become obsolete.Never again pay high fees for calling loved oneson holiday.Never again stand for continuous signal failure. Enjoy superb quality international calls at your fingertips, a powerful comprehensive communications solution for the business professional and leisure traveller alike. Join Alpha Traveller now and try the alternative for yourself.

Which Alpha Traveller are you?

Surprise your friends with the latest cost cutter in the telecom business. Alpha Telecom reveals the best kept secret in the telecom industry: everyone can enjoy Cheap International Calls with minimum time and money investment. In just 5 minutes you can open an account and benefit from high quality, prepaid, Low Cost International Calls. Help and assistance are conveniently available online and by phone. Do not waste another penny on dated telephone systems that charge a small fortune each minute. The account is accessible from any touch-tone phone including mobiles and payphones, so Alpha Travellers can pack light and enjoy the great outdoors more. Alpha Telecom provides inexpensive, best in class international calls, readily available across the UK.

How does it work?

Alpha Telecom promotes an easy to use international calling system, great for cheaper international calls from over 40 countries to USA, India, Pakistan or your destination of choice. Clients can easily setup an account online or with one of our operators, top-up and enjoy contract free international calls in just 5 minutes. Alpha Travellers roam the world freely with no strings attached, so enjoy cheap international calls without the hassle of extra paperwork, credit checks or printedbills. Alpha Telecom’s confident team of customer support specialists provide the highest level of service seven days a week.

Alpha Traveller prices

With rates from just 1p per minute, flexible minute plans and online payment options, Alpha Telecom is UK’s international calls provider of choice. Claim your 5 worth of free calls now and enjoy superior quality international calls with Alpha Traveller, with the additional benefit of up to 85% savings on superior quality international calls from UK landlines and mobile networks. Do not fear your phone bills ever again! With Alpha Traveller you are in complete control of your spending. Top-up exactly as much as you need, precisely when you need it. With the introduction of online payment options you can now easily manage your account at any time, regardless of location.Should service stability be the main concern, make sure you never run out of credit with direct debit auto top-ups.

Visit for more information regarding Alpha Traveller, the wonderful product which has already revolutionized the way holiday makes and business travellers all over the world communicate.

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