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Voice cabling

Most of the companies till today are using the same old traditional methods of wiring for voice. They use the voice grade wire and standard RJ11 jacks at end of the user. Cat 3 & Cat 5 solutions are the best configurations available and provide all the flexibility at a reasonable cost. When voice cabling is being installed with the network cabling the cost factor is greatly reduced.

Data cabling

Networks today are designed to carry large amount of information at very fast speeds. To carry that amount of data over unshielded twisted pair cable there are various benchmarks which need to be met.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) issues the standards and testing procedures for the same. Over the years these agencies have been very busy as the network speeds have increased tremendously. With the increase in bandwidth and reliance on the network at all times getting information to where it needs to be sent has become a highly challenging task. Under such circumstances cabling issues have assumed a lot of importance for a company. Cabling problems cost companies millions during a year.

All Cable problems like Low Attenuation, Crosstalk, Poor return loss etc. can be resolved if proper procedures are observed while installing cables. Testing has also to be done properly using the right equipment. That is what we at ACT do for you.Business phone service Houston

Office Phone Systems Houston

In the previous era we used to have rotary phones which are now replaced with the Digital ones which are much more advanced. These digital phones are a must for a company to function effectively.

If we go a few years back there were various companies which offered services like Fax, Call hold, internet and phone services separately. Because each company offered different services their cabling was also different. Sometimes an office used to look like a clutter of wires. With the new Digital business phones coming up all these phone systems have been built into them. Small machines like FAX machines which used to occupy space on a table are all gone. They have been replaced with either the Digital phones or Computer. The Digital phones are packed with features like call routing, voice mail, Fax, Email alerts, voicemail pending, hold music etc.

VOIP Business Phones Houston

The Voice over Internet Protocol phones make use of digital transmission of information i.e. information which is a combination of voice as well as data. Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp etc. are also using the same technology. The VOIP business phones are different than these platforms that they keep the security of the company in mind. They work in unison with the internet.

Evolutions of Action Communication Technology

Action Communication Technology, Inc. (ACT) was established in 1991 by Mrs. Rita Schumacher and presently is one of the main contractual firm in Houston telecommunication sector and is working for the largest Telecommunication companies like Williams Communications now Black box, Southwestern Bell now SBC, GTE now Verizon and Fairchild Communications now Shared Technologies. ACT is the first choice for voice, data, video and fibre cabling infrastructures in Houston.

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