You May be Ruining Your Job Hunt

There are a lot of minefields in the path of job seekers nowadays. Consequently, you should know the best way to navigate them effectively and how to reach your job search ambitions. Here are five missteps that can blow you out of the running for a future job opportunity:

  1. Not asking a few basic questions right at the end of interview. Hiring managers need to know that you are sincerely interested in the job and therefore asking questions shows you’re driven to know additional information. You will find websites available to help you. Go to Google for information regarding the employer and also the industry. Remember to keep questions simple at this stage (more about job scope, business expectations, etc.) Hold questions about rewards and remuneration for a later interview.
  2. Not tracking virtual dirt. Never neglect your internet footprint. The first thing a recruiter or potential employer is going to do right after they have went through your CV is Google you. First of all, you do want to appear in a Google search, because when you do not you may very well be regarded as a fossil with no leading-edge or advanced technical skills. Secondly, the other place a future employer will go is LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. When you have not set up your security preferences correctly, everyone and anyone is able to see everything you write on these social media sites. Simply being proactive may help you manage your internet reputation. Set up a Google+ profile and you’ll show up in Google searches. Post professional feedback on industry-related blogs and tweets. Have your LinkedIn profile updated and be vigilant to make it look clean and professional.
  3. Not saying thank you to your network. It actually is vital to the care and feeding of the network to say thanks to people who have took part in any way to your achievement in getting a new position. Your gesture of appreciation is not only good manners, but also will continue to build rapport. Politeness goes a long way with other individuals. Make sure to treat others as you would like to be treated.
  4. Not proofreading job search materials. We all make mistakes. I remember in the past I’ve typed manger, meant to type manager, looked at it just once, and did not spot that the term was missing an ‘a.’ Basically if I hadn’t go through the report several times (I advise three) and allow the CV go out with that mistake, it might have been very bad for my business. The stakes are just as high for you. It may possibly cost you a chance at a job simply because certain recruiters as well as hiring managers instantly turn down a CV with typos. It indicates to them you might not be as good as you may claim to be. Little errors can add up to really expensive problems for an employer.
  5. Not figuring out what sort of position you’d like next. Undoubtedly you will get asked by a person you are interacting with, ‘What type of job are you currently looking for’? Even if you don’t know exactly, make sure you have a response prepared that is clear and concise. This reply must be delivered with confidence so the other man or woman will hear it in the voice as well as mannerisms. Things you mention are going to be secondary, but as important. Keep career targets in mind which you can discuss with other people. When you do not know what you would like, how will you expect other people to know? Don’t inhibit their capacity to help you.

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