What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A CNA

A certified nursing assistant typically works in a hospital, clinic, and nursing home but there are some who also provide care and assistance to patients at their homes. Nursing assistants serve as an important link between the patient and the registered nurse. They report to nurses all information about the patient and conduct their duties under the supervision of a registered nurse. As the nurse aide or so they are called, they perform the following basic duties and responsibilities:

Maintaining Medical Records

A patient’s health is regularly monitored. As a certified nursing assistant, your duty is to check and take down temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure on a timely basis. The recorded information is an important data that directs doctors and nurses to effectively accomplish the best care for patients.

Attend to Patient’s Personal Hygiene

It is the responsibility of a CNA to assist patients who are unable to perform daily hygiene requirement by themselves. This includes helping them to take a shower, getting them dressed and combing their hair. Some patients need help to stand on their feet so care must be observed when performing these duties. A patient’s safety should be of utmost priority that CNA’s must always keep in mind.

Feeding the Patient Properly

When the patient is ready for his meal, a CNA must feed the patient properly if he is unable to eat by himself. It is also the duty of nursing assistants to monitor a patient’s food intake as well as to document everything on his record. They must likewise see to it that patients are getting proper nutrition through the meal served.

Administering Medications and Treatments

A certified nursing assistant can administer certain medications and treatments such as enemas, catheterizations, massages and suppositories to patients under the direct orders of doctors and the supervision of a nurse.

Provide Emotional Support

A CNA often works in direct contact with patient. This gives them the opportunity to see the patient up close and know them personally as well. Patients sometimes look for them when they need someone to communicate or express their hidden emotions. CNA’s are the only persons that patients get to socialize most of the times so they have a crucial position when it comes to providing emotional support.

A CNA is a dignified career that can earn you as much as $30,000 to $50,000 per year. Taking care of people in need makes the job even more fulfilling.

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