The Essential Call Center Survival Guide

Call center jobs are often fun but can also be very hectic and regimented. Whenever the phone rings you can either get a friendly or an irate customer and you should have a nack of handling both. Keeping patience and being thorough with your technical and process based knowledge can let you survive and even do well on your job.

Below mentioned are few tips for survival at your call centre jobs.

  1. Take Quality Evaluations Seriously: Performance is evaluated on the basis of company’s guidelines of quality. Getting trained and keeping a check on your daily performance can help in achieving the targets and meeting the performance parameter. Avoid complaining about these guidelines to your management as it will lead you no where. Poor quality scores can lead to termination and exit from the company. Coaching and mentoring from seniors can also help in performance improvement.
  2. Believe in Customer Service: One needs to respect the customer no matter what. While working with a call center, especially in processes like collections, sales or pure customer service, it is essential to be good to customers. One needs to learn to adjust to different behavior patterns of the customers by being calm and patient. Always try to solve their query and provide the right information. If you are not able to handle the query pass the call to your manager and if the customer is crossing the line then follow the company guidelines. Ensure your communication is cheerful, polite, slightly personalized and not robotic.
  3. Be Focused: If you are on a call make sure that you are completely involved. Avoid all possible distractions as it would lead to the exchange of incorrect information. In case you are pursuing other activities or tasks on your job, make sure you stop everything while you are talking to a customer. Working with a BPO involves being constantly on your toes. Avoid bringing into your workplace items such as novels, magazines and even any gadgets which may contribute to your low productivity.
  4. Multitasking: While working in a BPO, you should be able to handle calls and also be able to use an IT interface at the same time. It helps saving time and achieving one of the most important metric of call centers-AHT-average. Wrap up time can also be achieved with this skill. One should be able to toggle between different screens to gather right information. One will not be perfect at this, but mastering this art in course of time will help in long survival.
  5. Avoid Assumptions: Make sure that you gather correct information from the customers and avoid making any assumptions. Ask open ended as well as close ended questions to the customers to avoid entry of any wrong information. Probing is essential in such cases.

Finally, it is important that you take this job as a fun-filled and learning experience. One should love talking to customers and solving their queries to survive in this field. Following company guidelines and working with the realms of professional ethics are equally essential.

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