Negotiating a Higher Salary – How to Do it?

If you are currently looking for a job then negotiating a higher salary is a skill that you should know. It is a very important skill to learn because in it depends what you are going to get for the work that you will be doing. The problem with most job seekers is that they are ready to jump at any employer that will hire them. This is based on lack thinking. They believe that there is a scarcity of jobs that’s why they feel the need to grab any job they can. Having a lack mentality when searching for a job can be detrimental. You should not settle for less when looking for a job.

Know yourself

You will not be able to learn negotiating for a higher salary if you don’t know yourself. This means that you should know what you are worth in the job market. To do this, you must first list down your credentials. You should start with the different skills that you can do. You should not limit the skills to the job you are applying. Some skills may seem unrelated to the position you are aiming for but the truth is they can spell the difference between being hired and being overlooked. You should also list down your other credentials such as your educational background and your work experience. If you have a post graduate degree then you should know that you have the right to ask for a higher salary than those with on a bachelor’s degree.

Know what you want

Another problem of many job seekers is that they don’t know what they want. They seek a job without having a clear career goal. If you want a high salary then your goals must be concrete. You should be able to see yourself five or ten years in the future. Of course, you cannot expect to get everything you want. But is a good idea to have some aspirations. Do not sell yourself short. It is called negotiating a higher salary for a reason. This means you can reject the initial offer of the employer and then make a counter offer.

Don’t be afraid to ask

It is not enough that you know what you want. You should have the guts to ask for it. As the Bible says, “ask and it shall be given.” If you won’t ask then how will potential employers know what you want from the job? You can think of it in a positive way. By asking, you are actually helping potential employers in the decision making process. If they really cannot afford to give you what you want or they are not willing then they will surely let you know. Accept what they have to say and then move on. It is better to be direct to the point than to beat around the bush.

Remember negotiating a higher salary is a must if you want to have a successful and fulfilling career. Do not sell yourself short.

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