Making the Big Move and Finding Jobs in North Carolina

Surrounded by Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina, the coastal state of North Carolina is a popular centre for industries such as agricultural, manufacturing and financial services. A leading Tobacco producing state, this sector continues to remain one of North Carolina’s primary contributors to its revenue.

With impressive prospects in a number of sectors, a growing number of individuals as well as families consider the option of relocation to optimize opportunities for jobs in North Carolina.

If you too, are considering making the big move, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind –

1. How much is the Move going to Cost you?

One of the first things to consider while making the move is ensuring that you have enough money saved to live on while you look for new jobs in North Carolina. This should include your moving costs and take into consideration an average of 6 months of rent or down-payment that you need for your housing, and other living expenses. It is best to make sure that at least 3 months of your living expenses are present in your bank account before you plan on making the move.

2. Researching the North Carolina Job Market

In addition to determining a reasonable time frame to allot to finding a new job, it is also important that you make a basic assessment of the current job market. Consider whether or not your current background is in demand or not, identify potential areas in which you can apply, and get a sense of the overall economy of the state.

Getting in touch with head hunters and employment agencies is a great way to start your job search. Also explore the classifieds and job search websites.

3. Get yourself a Local Number

The best way to attract attention from an employer in North Carolina is by exhibiting that you have a local address and contact number. While the first is a lot more difficult to obtain overnight, getting a new cell phone number is rather simple. Even though it may cost a little extra to get your number changed, it is extremely useful when you finally move into your new city.

4. Finding a New Place to Live in

This is probably one of the toughest tasks associated with making a move. In spite of the existence of house listings online, it is still challenging to make decisions based on looking at a few pictures online.

While moving, you also need to make the crucial decision of buying or renting a new home. If your move is a temporary one, it is obvious that renting is the more practical thing to do. Also, if you eventually wish to move to an area closer to your workplace, consider renting for the first few months and then buying a home after you have got yourself a full-time appointment.

Depending on your personal expectations and current situation, with some patience and focus you can make your move and job search a lot more efficient.

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