Jobs in Utah Reaping Benefits of Surging Growth

The state of Utah has been a leader in absorbing the fresh and experienced workforce. Numbers speak for itself in the case of Utah; the state has seen booming uptrend year on year basis, growth of jobs in Utah has been as much as 3-3.5%, something that keeps this state way ahead from others.

What makes Utah favourite destination for businesses?

Corporate Tax rate of 5 % is one of the lowest in the country, workforce with the median age of 29 years, competitive energy costs and more importantly engaging governance of the state in business affairs.

So what are the kind of jobs that has remained among the ace in the pack this year?

1. Medical Practitioners-

The health industry remains the ever growing and the most engaging in the employment front , from doctors , surgeons to nurses there has been no dearth of openings for these professionals .Especially home nurses have seen a stupendous rise in demand in the last couple of years and the trend seems to be heading no way southwards in the near future.

If you are a fresh graduate with qualifications of Personal care aides and Home health aides ,then you have strong chances of landing up in a job that pays you $22500 per year as demand for home health aides and nurses is seeing unprecedented growth of 30-35%.

2. QA engineer Jobs-

With manufacturing and pharmaceuticals industries in Utah seeing year on year growth there has been rise in demand for QA engineer jobs in Utah. As QA engineer you are expected to maintain the quality standards, comply with the regulatory norms and at times work in liaison with clients, vendors and the regulator. Apart from the core technical skills you must also have strong interpersonal skills

Based on your experience you can expect a salary in the range of $62000-$78000 per year. So Quality Assurance Engineers, pull your socks up and switch your job to cease the opportunity that manufacturing industries are offering.

3. Professional & Business Service jobs-

Service Industry has been second to Trade, Transportation and utilities when it comes to hiring as there has been a spurt in demand for jobs especially across financial institutions. So if you hold a professional degree in management or accountancy you must surely end up with a promising profile that pays to a hefty package of $90000-$110000 per year.

4. Jobs in Trade, Transport and Utilities-

Some of the fastest growing jobs in Utah have not been the regular white collar jobs, instead they have been jobs of truck drivers, logistics support personnel and of retail salesperson, thanks to the rebound in the consumption pattern. Now this is certainly an opportunity for relatively less skilled workforce to explore opportunities in these industries.

Feeling lucky enough to be in the State of Utah! You should be, graduates to experienced; all of them can sense opportunities in the fields mentioned above. It’s time to cease this opportunity and become a part of the success story of this resurgent state.

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