Job Options For 10th Pass And 12th Pass Candidates

Qualifications play an important aspect in shaping our professional lives. And while we agree to the fact that education isn’t everything in a career, it do help you get started. However, with an advent of internet knowledge is an easy access for everyone. Knowledge isn’t limited to university graduates and gone are the days when mere degree could get you jobs. Industries today are seeking for skills rather than qualifications and if you have what is demanded by industries of today nothing could stop you from prospering. We have curated this list of job opportunities for 10th or 12th pass candidates to begin their career with.

1. Data entry operator

Business organizations be it small or large would always require someone to enter their data. Data analysis wouldn’t be possible without data entry. Now the task of data entry is extremely simple and requires an individual with basic knowledge of computer. If you could do so, this is perhaps the best opportunity for you. You could begin with your work as an operator and then could increase your positions by gaining certificates.

2. BPO

Business Process Outsourcing has become prominently known in cities and offer employment opportunities to large chunk of people. Staff for telecalling doesn’t need to possess any specific degree to work at BPO organizations. A good command over required language is sufficient enough to get a job at BPO centres.

3. Digital marketing

The field of digital marketing is growing multi folds. And to your surprise it doesn’t require any specific degree to get a job or excel in this field. All you need is a knowledge about digital marketing. In this internet driven world, you can easily acquire the skills of digital marketing through online platforms and begin with your job.

4. Content writing

Put those writing skills to good use as content writing is amongst the most in demand jobs. With millions of websites across the world, there is need for content writer to draft an organic and error free easy to understand content. If you could do so, you could easily grab a job at any organization. All you need is an ability to draft compelling stories. Besides, you could always adapt new skills once you begin with work.

5. Government jobs

Yes, government jobs aren’t limited to degree holders. There are numerous openings specifically for candidates with 12th pass certificate. From data entry operator to lower division clerk, you could get a secured job by clearing CHSL examination. The salary range that begins with 18k could take you long way once you step a foot in government organization.

These are some of the opportunities you could pursue your career with after clearing your 12th examination. This list is not comprehensive and there are abundant of opportunities apart from the careers mentioned above.

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