Finding The Right Price For The Job

Finding the right price for the job should seem to be an easy task, particularly now that everyone has access to the internet and all the various websites that can provide the information clients need.

It’s not that simple, however! Before the internet, getting the best quote for a job was a gruelling process, which involved searching for businesses that provide the service, contacting them and speaking with them for hours on the phone, and sometimes even required a visit to be done, in person.

Unfortunately, little has changed. Although businesses have their services listed, it is hard to find an honest yet reasonable quote for a service, because they simply don’t want to disclose that information freely. Call it a marketing tactic, call it competition, but it is truly unfair to the clients who simply want a service provided at a reasonable rate. has seen this common problem, and has designed a fool proof, easy to use method to cut the time spent trying to find a quote, so clients can move on to more important tasks and seize their day.

The usual business tactic is to provide a blanket quote, which is general and not very specific, for a certain array of services. Clients see the quotes, contact the business, and discuss the matter further. This alone has multiple steps and can cost hours in research and correspondence. has reversed this method, bringing the businesses to the clients instead. This way, customers can simply announce that they need a service provided, and they can be contacted by businesses directly who are willing to help them with the job.

Using’s innovative Request a Quote feature, clients simply enter the information regarding the job they need done into a simple online form, and their request is forwarded to thousands of businesses who can do the relevant job. This user friendly interface doesn’t even require registration or login, and is quick and simple to use. Business owners using’s premium package have access to these quotes, and are able to determine the rates and the time frame needed to get the job done, and contact the client directly.

Whether a simple client who needs a job done, or a trades man or woman who has too much work to possibly complete by him or her self, Request a Quote is the perfect answer to all their needs.

This no nonsense, hassle free method cuts time, costs, and connects clients and service providers with ease.

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