Fighting Gender Inequality at Workplaces in Connecticut

Recent events have brought to light the prevalence of gender bias pay inequality within jobs in Connecticut. Growing concern in the existence of differing pay scales for men and women have compelled the governor of Connecticut to announce plans for a new study which would assess the factors that influence and contribute to the gender wage gap in Connecticut’s jobs.

Is the Wage Gap Overstated?

Many economists and business owners believe that the wage gap is quite overstated and that, the real picture isn’t that bad. But the fact of the matter remains that this study which will be run by Commissioners of the Connecticut Department of Labor and Department of Economic Development, was brought to limelight for a reason.

In addition to this, a recent case in the state further highlighted the possibility of a female employee being offered remuneration that was much lower than her male counterpart in the same company. While there is still an ongoing debate on ways to identify if the gender was the sole factor behind this arrangement, recent events will definitely results in a renewed focus on revisiting hiring practices among employers in Connecticut.

Fighting for Gender Equality for Jobs in Connecticut

It has been noticed time and again that if women, are given the same opportunities as men – the consolidated efforts, energy channeled and resources generated result in easy achievement of organizational goals. The integration of well qualified employees irrespective of gender combined with some healthy competition within a workplace is known to enhance productivity to an extremely large extent.

In addition to this, the sharing of responsibilities would also make household demands such as raising a child and managing a home a much simpler proposition.

Among the major issues that women tend to face at a workplace, gender imbalance of wages and promotions to upper-levels positions are among the most prevalent. On the other hand, there are also people who believe that the progress made by women over the years isn’t necessarily comprehensively disclosed to the public. Society in general tends to get drawn towards all negativity. There have also been significant instances that suggest a positive change in women rights and their position at a workplace. The 1995 report on the Glass Ceiling Commission elaborated their goal to enhance support for women at the workplace.

Within a span of a few years, women have been able to transform themselves from low-level stereotyped jobs to accounting for about 40% of the medical and law students, executives, doctoral candidates and managers in corporate America.

Having said that, it is still time for employers, policy makers and women empowerment groups to come together and design a sustainable solution which opens doors to equal opportunities for both genders. By creating harmonious work environments, the state of Connecticut and organizations can facilitate the development of a productive work environment that focuses on achieving common goals. With the help of an equal partnership between individuals of both genders, one can bring about a positive change in the economic and social growth of the state as well as the nation on the whole.

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