Employees And Alumni Can View And Take Advantage of Their Benefits

If you are an associate of 88Sears, you can check and get to know more about your benefits through their website – In this website, you will be able to determine your advantage – health , financial , discounts, assistance programs and more.

With the help of this website, employees and alumni can view and take advantage of their advantage. By being able to know more, many associates and alumni are able to benefit from these advantages, even if they have no further knowledge about such assistance.

Knowing More about the advantage

  • Knowing and Accessing the Benefits

Through the website, associates and alumni will be able to get newsletters and notices about the new advantage that they can take advantage of. They will also be able to know more about the changes in the policies of the advantage that they are getting.

Beneficiaries will also be able to manage online, through the website. Also, they will be able to download or fill up forms that they need to claim their advantage or to get assistance from the company.

  • Various Kinds

Associates and alumni of 88Sears will be able to get lots of advantage. They can view all of theadvantage that they can get from the website – Some of the 88Sears features that these recipients can get are:

o Health

Medical benefits, dental care, life insurance, long-term disability and prescription drugs programs are some of the health benefits that can provide assistance to employees and retirees. They can enroll for these virtue when they visit the site. They will also be able to view and manage their benefits on their resources on their account.

o Financial

Employees and retirees can view and manage retirement information, pension advantage access and associate stock purchase plan through the website also. They can gain assistance on their retirement plans when they visit the site and contact the HR department for help.

  • Getting Additional Virtue

There are also additional Virtue that associates and retirees can view and manage at their site. They can check from discount policy, employee assistance program and voluntary virtue that are available at the website. They just have to ask the HR department on how to avail the policies so that they can have the 88Sears processed for their claim. These benefits are open to all employees and retirees who are member of the website or portal of the company. Non-members can register to be able to manage and view their virtue also.

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