Electrical Jobs and Other Unconventional Careers for Women

It is certainly a thing of the past where most women picked traditional careers like teaching, advertising, fashion or interior designing. In fact a large number of women today have even moved way past the not so conventional yet fairly common career choices like banking, computer engineering and medicine.

An increasing number of new age women who are gutsy and ambitious are now taking giant steps away from the traditional and opting for completely unusual yet well rewarding careers like construction, carpentry, electrics and commercial driving. These careers that would otherwise be best avoided in a man’s world are being picked by passionate, dynamic women looking at making a career and being on the top of it.

If you too are among those women who does not believe in taking up a job simply because it suits your ‘gender’, but would much rather take up something that is challenging and different, you should consider the following career options:

  1. Electrician: There are plenty of electrical jobs in California that pay well and can be exciting for you if wires and cables are your thing. Moreover these need not necessarily be restricted to the ones at houses. You can get hired with top companies for various electrical jobs ranging from manning their entire electrical system to simply testing wires and switches. You could even work on movie sets and studios as an electrician. Average annual salary for electricians range between $40,000 and $80,000 depending on your qualification. Electrical work may be challenging but if it’s what you enjoy, you can certainly apply for a job and give your male counterparts a run for their money.
  2. Police: Contrary to popular belief, the job of a police officer is not suitable for men alone. It is for anybody who is willing to work for good, is physically strong and is inclined to work hard at the risk of his/her life. Police jobs could range from returning lost dogs to investigating homicides. If you have the willingness to serve the country and protect the society through law enforcement and are the kinds who gets a thrill from playing with danger, ignore the gender bias and consider the job of a police officer. However remember that there will be times when you will need to work through nights or special occasions and possibly neglect your family to fulfil your duties at work.
  3. Carpenter: This might easily be among the most unconventional jobs in California for women. However it is still a great option if it appeals to you. If you like creating things or fixing broken stuff, carpentry might just be your calling. Carpenters in San Francisco, California can make an approximate median annual salary of $61,000.
  4. Commercial Vehicle Driver: Agreed that driving an 18 wheeler can be scary and physically exhausting for women but with every passing year more and more women are getting into commercial driving. A little bit of extra physical strength and the ability to brave different situations can help you become one too. As a driver you will experience immense freedom as your job will most likely entail driving across cities carrying goods. You can see new places, be independent and more importantly earn a good amount while doing so. Driving trucks and heavy vehicles are risky and most often it is for this reason that drivers are paid well.

There are plenty of careers for you even besides the ones mentioned and every new decade is only opening up horizons and expanding even more possible careers for women.

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