Best and Worst Paying Jobs in the UK

Anyone will surely be interested to know who gets paid best in UK and why. There is a survey conducted in the UK each year that can provide the most accurate source of information on the earnings and earning distribution in the country. But what most people are dying to know about is who makes the big bucks. A list of the best and worst paying jobs in the UK will make it easier for these people to determine which jobs can bring them fortune.

The highest paying job in the UK is the head of major organizations and businesses making up to 97,626 in a year. Major organizations are obviously earning the most. Many of these organizations are in the production, storage and transport industries. The earning is the same to that of directors, chief executives and general managers.

Another surprising occupation which is also considered best paying job in UK is dental practitioner earning 60,098 a year. The wage includes orthodontists, dental surgeons and periodontists. Dental practitioners are surprisingly paid better than senior local government officials, police officers and judges.

Many people do not dream of being a train driver but if you want to earn a hefty 40,000 a year, this is an occupation that you might want to consider going into. As a train driver, you will be expected to drive electric, diesel and steam engine trains both underground and over ground. What makes this even better is there are no engineering prerequisites.

It is pretty easy to know what the lowest or worst paying jobs in the UK. Many of these occupations involve manual labor and a lot of them do not require tailored skills that you should study. Waiter and bar staffs are among the lowest paying jobs in the country earning only 12,228. Many people will work or have worked as a bartender or waiter at some point in their lives and so a lot of individuals are aware how hard this occupation can be. It involves short breaks, long shifts on your feet, dealing with annoying and rude customers every day and no perks. But with these downsides, you would expect the job to be compensated by how much it pays even just a little bit.

The other worst paying occupations in UK include hairdressers that only make 12,844 a year. Like waiters, hairdressers have to deal with random customers every day of their working life. They need to go through several years of hard training just to have that job. Not far behind are floral arrangers making 14,237 and school assistants making 13,703 a year.

So before you ever think of dropping out of school or not going to college or dropping thinking it will be a waste of time, money and energy, consider what you want to be in the future. Ask yourself, you want to land in a job that can pay you decently, or a job that does not pay well and will leave you struggling trying to make a living every single day.

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