Why Texas Homeowners Must Consider A Patio Screen Enclosure

Texas home owners encounter numerous hurdles having an open porch or patio, including wildlife, pesky insects and strays. This is where a patio screen enclosure can help by offering several advantages, including:

Screen enclosures increase the usable living space of your house:

Adding a patio screen enclosure lets you enjoy more space & options for your house. Not just it boost the resale value of your home, but sliding doors can be left open, allowing for a breeze & more open feeling to infiltrate your house. If your patio or porch features a roof, you can make use of your space during rainy days as well, and even employ it as a space to entertain friends and family.

Enclosed patios safeguard your pets:

For those who’ve indoor pets, but wish to offer them a taste of outdoor, a patio screen enclosure can offer the ideal opportunity. Pets that are permitted to roam freely outdoors on average have a shorter lifespan compared to those that are kept indoors. That is because in outdoor your pets are expected to clash with other animals that may carry disease or even consider your pet as their food. Keeping your pet inside but letting them to go freely between your home & the enclosed patio will allow them enjoy the feeling of being outdoors, while keeping them protected.

Enclosed patios provide a genuine pest and bug free outdoor environment:

For a lot of people, their live of the outdoors generally ends at the bug factor. Eating outdoor usually becomes a concern, when flies take a seat at your table. Not just these pesky insects are irritating but they are also dangerous as some of them may carry life taking viruses. However, with a screen enclosure in your patio area, you can enjoy the outdoor area safely while making it bug-free.

Enclosing your patio help in filtering the wind:

Your patio screen enclosure can act as a wind filter, allowing you to relish the outdoor area even during winter days.

A screened enclosure offer shades:

Let’s face it! In Texas, we can have some extremely hot days during the summer season. Screen enclosures produce a comfy shaded space for you to relish the outdoor area. Enclosure screen in porches and patios also act as a protective layer from the sun, filtering the sun light and reducing the feasibility of developing skin cancer or getting heat stroke.

An enclosed patio offer privacy:

Another great advantage of a enclosed patio is that it provides privacy from the passersby or your neighbors. The enclosed screen makes it tough for others to see through, while your view stain unhindered.

Last but not the least patio enclosures are a stylish & functional addition to any outdoor space. They dissipate solar heat & glare, creating a cool and comfortable setting that’s perfect for catching up with your summer reading. They also filter out 99% of UV rays, helping protect your patio furniture and other outdoor decor.

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