Why Are Advertising Pens Popular?

Of all the promotional products and corporate gifts, advertising pens are the most popular. Yes, a global advertising specialities impressions survey conducted across 8 countries revealed that most companies, institutions and customers placed advertising pens as their choice as a promotional product. So why it is so popular? analyze.

Reasons why advertising pens are popular

1. Universal use

Wherever you turn, a pen you can earn. Yes, pens are found everywhere and used universally at homes, school, offices, malls, department stores, hospitals, gyms, salons and spas. This is why it is no wonder that advertising pens are so popular.

2. Absolute necessity

You may have a smartphone or tablet with a stylus, but when it comes to signing documents, it is the good old pen that comes handy. All legal documents require the use of a pen and this is why everyone from the paper to the president uses a pen!

3. Brand awareness

Most companies prefer advertising pens as promotional products because it is easy to print the company credentials on them and if the pen is attractive, it will catch the eye of many. This creates a huge brand awareness at a very low investment.

4. Budget-friendly

Another main reason why promotional pen is popular is because of their extremely low cost. When procured in bulk, advertising pens cost a pittance but provide visibility and recall in plenty. Economically priced and easy on the budget, it is best to distribute in bulk at trade fairs, exhibitions, promo shows and events.

5. Build goodwill

Since the pen is perpetually used by all, gifting a pen is seen as a gesture of goodwill by customers. Thus advertising pens help to build relationships and goodwill with the customers and clients.

6. Generates new leads

When distributed en mass, promotional pens reach the hands of many. Most often, some leads are generated as the receiver of the pen makes an enquiry or call to the number mentioned on it. Thus it can be used to open up new leads.

7. Wide range

When it comes to advertising pens, you do not have to worry. There is a wide range of pens to choose from depending on your budget and whom you are gifting to.

From an ordinary plastic pen to a royal Mont Blanc, pens are available in all prices and varieties. If you want to gift the regular staff, plastic pen will do. If you are gifting a pen to a CEO, you can go for the Mont Blanc.

Promotional pens are popular because of the wide range of variety they provide- metal, wooden, plastic, recyclable, gel, ballpoint, ink, engraved, stylus and more varieties of pens.

Choose your advertising pen of the right price and quality from your trusted pen provider to get maximum results.

8. Multi-purpose

Nowadays, pens have evolved. You have it with the clocks, calendars, highlighters, key chains and even with lipstick! What an amazing range of multipurpose pens to choose from for your brand!

9. Easily customized

Depending upon your brand and its philosophy, the advertising pen can be customized in colour, size, material, shape etc. This is why promotional pens are popular among marketers.

Every hotel, restaurant, mall, department store and mainly all CPG brands use advertising pens for their sales promotion.

10. Suitable for all businesses

Since advertising pens are lightweight, they are much preferred as promotional giveaways . They are easy to carry, distribute and print in limited or large numbers. This is why they suitable for any business – startup, SME or even large consumer brands.

Advertising pens are attractive and affordable options for brand promotion, marketing campaigns and PR events as they have maximum visibility and recall with minimum investment. Design your promotional items from a trusted specialist who can guide you in choosing the right product to suit your budget and brand.

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