How to Choose The Right Kind of Microscope?

A microscope as the name suggest magnifies the object kept under it. Some of the advanced have an in build camera that is used to capture images of the substances.

With the growing demand and with the increasing advancement in science and technology, there are different types of microscope available in the market. Choosing the right kind is all about the question of getting the right tool for the job. Along with tools and specialized accessories, compound or biological microscope vary in price.

Here is the brief guide that helps you in deciding which microscope to choose to fulfill your requirement.

Consider The Applications

The application is the most important factor that helps you in finding the most relevant microscope. Consider your need like what do you want to view, and what is the purpose of getting the image of the object etc. For e.g., if you want to view internal structures of the cell then the best microscope that fits your need is compound and to study the plant parts like flower, leaves etc you need a stereo microscope. Thus, analyzing and by studying the application you can make an appropriate decision regarding the choice of the instruments.

Different Types of Microscope for Different Purpose

Depending upon the type and the application there are different types of microscopes. All these are customized for fulfilling the need and purpose of use.

Biological Microscope

Biological or the compound microscope is the most common type of microscope that is used in laboratories, schools, universities, hospitals etc. It has a number of the objective lens of different magnifications that is used to view a specimen for research and diagnostic purpose. The price is generally less as compared to others.

Stereo Microscope

Stereo Microscope is used to produce the three-dimensional image of the object and is suitable and useful for biologist for performing the dissection, a technician for repairing circuit boards, paleontologist for cleaning and examining fossils. This is a suitable apparatus to view items that you can hold with your hands.

Polarizing Microscope

A polarizing microscope has vast application in science, industry, and academics. The polarized light helps the viewer to view and locates origin, content and chemical makeup of organic and inorganic material. It is mostly used to examine minerals and geological items. It is also used to do detail study of cement, ceramics, fibers, polymers and other chemical molecules.

Photomicrography Microscope

Sometimes it is important to capture the image of the object or specimen viewed under the microscope. The latest photography microscope has comes with the developed features like CCD video and digital camera that increases the popularity and flexibility of imaging. This helps the teachers and lecturers to display the real-time video images on projection television instead of slides.

Consider this guide to choose the best and most apt microscope for your organization. You can know and compare the biological and other microscopes price online and pick the one with the best feature in the minimal price.

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