Different Types of Adhesive Hook And Loop Tape Available

These days, with consistent creativity and developments in the technology of fixing broken things, you will get branded fastening solution which will certainly prove to be beneficial for you.

Precise tapes are now available customized to fix any surface. Various types of resins are applied to cater for a wide array of substrates, even just like seals that can be resealed, as in pet food bags.

Adhesive hook and loop tape options offered by branded companies has gained immense popularity in the market. However, these products have to evolve to bind with a wide range of substrates. These days, you can purchase an assortment backed branded hook and loop tape ensuring that it’s performance is par excellence no matter what the substrate is.

Utilizing an elastic loop tape is not different from applying glue anywhere else. For instance, you wouldn’t utilize wooden glue to fix a broken plate in the same way you will use loop tapes. As per standard and the most popular option, it is the resin and rubber adhesive, a pressure implemented tape that is extensively utilized on display boards in schools and across the home. The rubber adhesive caters the best bond over a wide range of surfaces, but doesn’t work that effectively in case of fabrics and plastics.

Plastic, specifically PVC, comes with a composition that includes a molded plastic hook and plasticizers, as this impacts the resin involved and stops it effectively, thereby being vulnerable to being pulled away from the substrate when the hook is pulled away from the loop and need to be separated. Growing demand for an adhesive tape for plastics ends up with water based acrylic resin backed tape. This tape works just like the rubber and can be utilized on almost the similar surfaces, although it bonds more efficiently with plastics.

Lately, another pressure implemented adhesive has gained immense popularity, which is a heavy duty rubber resin, and that is quite robust and can be utilized both indoors and out. The adhesive hook and loop tape comes with two-way facing hooks that make for an extremely hard initial grab on both adhesion and fastening, making it quite popular in the display industry, apart from gaining popularity in the office and just because of its strength and resistance to moisture.

One substance that may not work with these products is fabric. Though an elastic loop tape is utilized commercially on clothing products, sewing at home is rarely possible and this kind of adhesive hook won’t bind properly to any type of fabric. If for any reason the adhesive is utilized, it will fall off when the fabric is washed. Sewing is the best solution, but again with developments in bonding technology, a branded fusion tape is the best option after sewing, as it works as an effective adhesive.

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