904L stainless steel pipes – Everything You Need To Know

904L stainless steel pipes - Everything You Need To Know

The austenitic stainless steel type is 904L. It has exceptional resistance to localized attacks including crevice corrosion and chloride-induced pitting thanks to the inclusion of molybdenum. Additionally, it has excellent resistance to reducing acids, and the addition of copper increases its general corrosion resistance to a range of sulphuric acid concentrations. Despite having a high level of alloying, the material is nevertheless prone to chloride stress corrosion cracking. IGC is prevented by the low carbon content’s ability to resist sensitization during welding.

904L stainless steel pipes

• Stainless Steel 904L is an austenitic stainless steel grade that is highly alloyed, has little carbon, and is not stabilized. The alloy of 904L Stainless Steel Pipe now contains copper. As a result, sulfuric acid is particularly resistant to powerful reducing acids. Producing AISI 904L Welded Pipe in accordance with ASTM A312 specification is made simpler by the decreased carbon content. These pipes can be utilized for high-temperature applications in spite of their lower carbon content.

• The ASME SA 312 TP904L alloy’s significant nickel inclusion enables the tube to operate very well even in over ground applications. The stainless steel 904L pipe demonstrates good resistance to stress-related corrosion cracking in addition to being a non-magnetic alloy.

• The alloy’s molybdenum content lessens the possibility of crack corrosion. ASTM A312 TP904L is primarily beneficial for general corrosive applications, in addition to use in conditions at high temperatures.

• Mechanical tests such flatness tests, shear load tests, and longitudinal load tests. To ascertain whether the 904L seamless pipe complied with the tensile qualities, tests were conducted on it.

• In accordance with ASTM A312, each 904L pipe must be delivered in a heat-treated state, with the appropriate heat treatment temperature and justification for cooling or testing.

Today, Stainless Steel 904L Pipes are widely employed in a variety of industrial applications. The pulp and paper industry, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, chemical industry, building, power generation, gas processing, oil processing, constructions, seawater applications, and buildings are only a few examples of applications. This SS 904L Pipes & Tubes has a wide range of characteristics. Its characteristics include tensile strength, yielding strength, weldability, toughness, anti-corrosive body, ability to tolerate high temperatures, capacity to hold more pressure, good surface finishes, extended functioning, etc.

Stainless Steel 904L’s characteristics

• Compared to chrome-nickel stainless steels, stainless steel 904l has superior corrosion resistance.

• Protects against assault from acetic, phosphoric, and sulfuric acids

• Strong resistance to pitting under chloride-based circumstances

• Controlled cracking and crevice attack due to stress corrosion.

There are many applications and industries that employ stainless steel 904L pipes and tubes. Here are a few examples:

• Petrochemical Sector

• Oil and Gas Sector

• Chemical Sector

• Power Plant Sector

• Energy Sector

Industry of Pharmaceuticals

• Paper and Pulp Industry

• Industry of Food Processing

• Aerospace Sector

The Industry of Refining

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