Working on Skoda Used Cars Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Today

A lot of brand new cars are not very conducive to DIY by enthusiastic amateurs. This is a shame because even a person with very rudimentary car maintenance skills can save themselves a lot of money. However, even on the most up to date Skoda cars, there are maintenance tasks that you can carry out yourself without technical training and specialised equipment. This will help your car to run efficiently, last longer and cost you less in garage repair bills.

The Windscreen Wipers:

Let’s start with something incredibly simple to improve visibility and build confidence in our fledgling car maintenance skills. When your wipers start to streak, cannot move the water effectively or become loose, it’s time to change them. The exact wiper blade assembly can vary a great deal between different cars, so check the wiper packaging and your car owner’s manual. If you’re in any doubt, take the old wiper assembly off and take it into the store to check it matches.

Changing the Air Filter:

The air filter is vitally important part in your car; it prevents dirt and other particulates from entering your engine. When particles get in the engine, they can cause poor efficiency, a reduction in performance and permanent damage that is expensive to fix. Most new cars have a black air filter box located at the top of the engine with metal clips that secure the cover. Finding an appropriate air filter is very easy with a little research and replacing the air filter is simple. The air filter in your car needs to be changed every three years or more often if you drive off road regularly.

Engaging in Battery Maintenance:

A white powder residue on your car battery is a sure sign that it needs to be replaced. However, it may be possible to extend the battery life with a little care and attention. Disconnect the battery by removing the negative terminal and then the positive terminal. Unbolt the battery from its compartment and use some corrosion removal fluid and a wire brush to clean the terminals. Then reverse the procedure and try out the freshly cleaned battery. It may be necessary to change the car battery if you find that you need to clean the battery too often.

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