What Is The Potential Cause Of Water Leaks In Your Home?

No matter where you live, a water leak can create a serious issue in your home. Getting to know common sources of water leaks and knowing the best ways to prevent it and repair them can help save you and your family lots of time, money and hassle. Though each leak is different and depends on the location, so it’s better to call an expert for repairs.

No one pays much attention to their plumbing system- until there is a problem. Burst pipes, clogged train, sewer lines, water leaks, malfunctioning back flow testing equipment can cause a serious problem in your plumbing system. If you have recently noticed any of the following issues with your plumbing, you may need to call a plumbing expert to give your system professional attention.

  • Unusually high water bills
  • Discolored or bad testing water
  • Weak water flow
  • Drains not running promptly
  • Toilet backing up

If left untreated, the costs of plumbing leak are substantial.

Leaking Water Can Lead To Mold

If left untreated, a plumbing leakage can cause damage to your walls. When pipe running behind walls leak or suddenly bursts, they dampen the drywall. Even, this moisture makes it way through the walls and make wet spots appear on the front of the wall.

If you notice any persistent wetness or a musty smell from your wall, you may have a leak. A professional can fix the problem, if it is in starting stages, by replacing only a section of the drywall. Overtime, this problem may lead to black mold, requiring services of the mold remediation company, but also requiring the removal of large wall sections.

Water damage to flooring and fixtures

Another major concern due to water leaks in Los Angeles is damage to flooring. Water always flows downhill, which means any leakage in kitchen or bathroom will pool on and under your floors.

In your kitchen, lookout for warping or discolored floorboards, especially areas close to dishwasher or fridge with a water line. Leaks or house water filtration issues can also cause damage to fixtures like taps. In some cases, the fixtures may stop working like if a rubber gasket decays and stuck in the pipeline or may reduce water pressure. If it is not repaired on time, they may need replacement making you spend more bucks.

To avoid high costs of repair, homeowners need to repair such problems. If you see any of the signs as above mentioned, consider hiring a professional plumber. A pro can easily assess the level of the damage and provide the appropriate repairing services.

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