Tips to Pass a Calgary Driving Test And Become an Effective Driver

The thought of appearing for a Calgary driving test can make you feel stressed and nervous. One way to build confidence and feel comfortable is by enrolling for a driver’s education course – even the government of Alberta recommends it. A variety of courses are offered by professional driving schools and here’s what to look for while selecting a driving course.

Eligibility for Calgary Driving Test

Most learners aim to get a class 5 driver’s license in Alberta that permits them to drive any two axle single motor vehicle such as most cars, trucks or vans independently. A class 5 Basic GDL license is a stepping stone to obtaining a full class 5 driver’s license and in order to be eligible for a class 5 Basic GDL license, you must be at least sixteen years old and have a class 7 learner’s permit for at least a year. For other Calgary driving test eligibility criteria, check with a local driving school.

Government Approved Courses

Professional driving schools understand that learners come to them with diverse training requirements and hence they offer a variety of courses. Driver’s educational courses include both theory as well as in-car instruction. A basic GDL package provides fifteen hours classroom instruction, ten hours in-car practical experience and a free mock test to help you prepare for your test. It’s always better to opt for an experienced driving school that offers a standard, government approved program. If you feel you need more time honing practical driving skills, you can opt for an expanded course that provides more hours of in-vehicle training – this will help you gain confidence before taking the test.

Customized Refresher Course

Comprehensive programs are invaluable in teaching you everything you need to know about driving rules, road conditions as well as challenges in Alberta. They aim to help learners become confident, defensive and responsible drivers once they pass a class 5 driving test in Calgary. Reputed driving schools also offer short, customized two-hour refresher courses to help learners receive specialized driving education addressing their unique needs. Refresher courses also include a short mock-up test as well as an expert’s assessment of your preparedness to take the test. The best driving schools offer students convenient free pick and drop services within Calgary.

Customer Friendly Services

While there are many driving schools in Calgary, reputed ones stand out with their high quality courses, flexible packages and friendly instructors. They allow customers to take theory classes either online or in-class, create extensive courseware and make sure that it is delivered in fun and memorable ways. While in-class lessons are conveniently scheduled during the weekend, online lessons can be taken anytime within the stipulated time period. They have skilled, professional instructors who impart in-vehicle training with utmost patience and friendliness. While a driving school may not be able schedule a driving test, some allow learners to use their vehicles for the test.

If passing a driving test in Calgary and becoming a responsible, confident driver are your requirements, contact a leading driving school at the earliest!

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