The Ultimate Way to Sanitize Your Vehicle

Many people can be negligent towards the things they cannot see through the naked eye. They would clean their car and take out all the wrappers or the garbage, but they wouldn’t think about ridding the vehicle of all the germs and the bacteria that somehow entered the vehicle. It is extremely important to clean your car thoroughly especially due to the ongoing virus Covid-19.

Cleaning the high-touch surfaces

You can clean and sanitize your entire car but that is not necessary. The high touch is mostly covered with bacteria and germs. Only sanitizing them would be enough to avoid any kind of infection.

When people think of sanitizing, the first thing that comes to mind is rubbing alcohol. It does works best for sanitizing but it will ruin the paint of your vehicle. If the high-touch areas (exterior door handle, truck pulls) of your automobile are painted, then you should consider cleaning them with the carwash soap. It will clean the bacteria and germs without ruining the paint.

If you are not satisfied and you want to wash the whole car, you can search online for a car mechanic near me and take it for a wash. If you want to wash it yourself, you can do it using a pressure washer.

Cleaning the interior of the vehicle

The pressure washer can be great for washing the exterior of the vehicle but in the interior, you have to think of a different approach. You have two choices, you can either search for someone online who fixes cars near me, and get your interior cleaned by them or you can do it yourself. You can use surfactants for cleaning the steering, carpets, or the seat of your vehicle.

Surfactants are easy to use. You must use them in your daily life, like the Oxi-Clean. Just spray them on the surface and rub bit with a brush, leave it for 5 minutes then remove it with a cleaning towel. You can even use wipes to clean the interior.

Making the cabin air breathable

The air filter does a great job preventing contaminants from entering the vehicle. A new HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is introduced. It is made of glass plastic. It is more effective s it can handle 0.3-micron particles. It is good to be extra careful. So changing your normal filter to the HEPA filter will make the air in your car safer to breathe.

You can even get a custom exhaust fitted in your vehicle by searching online for an exhaust shop near me. It will make the performance of your car better.

Extra tips

To be extra careful, you should wear gloves and a mask when you sanitize your car. In the end, you can use air purifying products like Ozium. It is a glycol-ized aerosol and it will stay in the air after a while of spraying and absorbs the odor.

It is necessary that you keep your automobile clean, whether it is the garbage inside the car or the marks and dent on the exterior of the vehicle. Servicing the internal components is always done but the cleanliness or the looks are not given much importance. If you have a car, then you should look after it and keep it looking brand new.

Sanitization of your vehicle can remove so many bacteria, germs and keep you healthy. If you cannot sanitize the whole automobile, then just do the highly-touched parts. It would decrease the risk as well. If you want to take your automobile to the garage for servicing, then you should look for the ones that are strictly following the measure to prevent corona.

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