Roof Racks Sydney For Better Luggage Holding Capability

Let’s see why a roof rack makes for such an interesting way to carry your luggage during that upcoming holiday you are planning.

Technically, a roof rack is two or more bars placed in parallel or in a grid pattern and secured to the of your vehicle. These days though, it could also be an ergonomically shaped box called the ‘roof box’. Typically, a rack is used to carry items that do not ordinarily fit inside the vehicle – items such as canoes or bicycles, kayaks, skis etc. Some folks prefer the grid patterned rack so they can just dump into it their weekly or monthly purchases from the local mall. It’s easier that way especially if you have kids occupying the seats and the luggage area occupied with all sorts of other things.

So whether its your upcoming holiday or the weekly / monthly shopping, your roof rack can come in very handy and that is what makes it so interesting for better luggage holding capability. The ideal place to shop for racks in Sydney is at the Vehicle Accessory Store in Sydney. But before you go out and buy yourself a rack, there are some basics you have to know about your vehicle and the roof racks.

First off, there are different types of roof racks. These types are grouped by the purpose they serve. For example, there are racks specially designed to carry (for instance) bikes or kayaks. Then there the cradle-like design which is ideal for your weekly or monthly shopping and so forth. So you have to decide in your mind the specific purpose your roof rack is going to serve. Of course a lot of folks have more than one roof rack – they have a regular cradle-like roof rack that is permanently fixed to the roof and then they have a heavy duty holiday rack. When that once or twice a year holiday is planned, the regular roof rack is removed and the holiday rack is put up. When the holiday is over, the Rola Roof Rack is switched back.

For those of you with older model vehicles, check if the roof of your vehicle has rain gutters on the sides of the roof. You can mount the rack directly to the gutter surrounding the roof line.

Some folks might have older 4×4 or SUV’s with bare roofs. That too is not a problem – you can have your choice of rack fitted by requesting for hooks and attaching them to the top of the door frames.

Then there are modern vehicles that came factory fitted with proprietary racks or side rails or factory bars – these make things even more easier.

Once you have decided the purpose you want the Racks Melbourne to serve, for better luggage holding capability, go to Vehicle Accessory Store in Sydney or online here:

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