LCD Display with Soldering Pins

Maybe the first thought, the first picture when mentioning a car is wheel and car dashboard. Everybody who likes cars and driving loves that environment – well-shaped wheel, curved lines of torpedo, rows of gauges, switches and buttons. In collaboration with talented designer Michail Mukovoz Librow developed this marvelous product – digital LCD dashboard.

In the past automobile meant mechanics. Then mechanics and electrics. And today it means mechanics and electronics. Modern car is sophisticated unity of high-accuracy mechanics and high-end electronics. Today microprocessors, those creatures of science world, are everywhere. They are small in size, reliable in functioning, effective in controlling various parameters. No wonder they have found their proper place in car-building industry, where control of parameters of any kind is in high demand.

It is quite common to have a pixel failures on the dashboard LCD display which will seriously affect the visual effect and driving experience. So it urgently needs to be replaced to get the pixel back for good. Availability and performance are always the key factors to consider when selecting an alternative display, with viewing angle, brightness, response time, power and size varying between different technologies.

SA1009, LCD display with soldering pins for ACC Unit, compatible for Lexus LS400 (1993-1994) For left hand driving only. The Lexus LCD Display is STN LCD screen with pins and need to solder on PCB. Quality is improved and comparable to the original. The screen has pretty decent resolution and brightness for its size. It’s an optima choice for LCD display replacement. Apart from this, SACER provides various kinds of LCD displays for many different car makes and models. And it is sure that your requirements will be satisfied here in SACER.

Who are we?

SACER was founded in 2007 by enthusiasts in car repair & re-manufacture especially focused on automobile electronics. The comprehensive combination of strong knowledge in European car design and applied repair & re-manufacture technology and experience in research and development allows us to win customers’ deep trust and long-standing cooperation. And achieve a win-win goal for both sides.

What are we doing?

We aim at everything in car repair & re-manufacture that related to electronic control modules. And we cover a large range of product categories, which includes the off-the-shelf products of instrument LCD display, ABS/ECU/repair spare parts, DC motor for throttle body and automobile semiconductors, etc. Together with an independent non-standard custom-tailor redesign and development category of turbo actuator, non-contact TPS sensor, ECU, window regulator, EPS/EHPS control board and air flow meter, etc. our areas of expertise are:

Automobile electronic control module for repair;

Automobile electronic spare parts for replacement;

Automobile electronic solution for re-manufacture;

How can we cooperate?

SACER has always committed itself to become a reliable business partner with our customers all over the world. With our professional knowledge and skills, as well as the excellent customer service.

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