LCD Display With Ribbon/Flat Cable

Over the decades of the “Star Trek” TV and movie franchise, the ship’s lcd screen evolved from steam-age dials and switches to large 21st-century video displays that could be configured to perform seemingly any task. An emerging generation of new models is making the move toward virtual displays that, as with the later iterations of the Enterprise (but without the suspect plots and thin character development) permits a single display to be configured for numerous tasks.

LCD display that can show any image or information the car’s computer can conjure are beginning to appear in some new models. For now, we have concepts of the idea and production cars that supplement physical analog gauges with LCD video screens.

Dead LCD pixels, fading LCD pixel on the instrument cluster are quite bad looking parts of a good car’s interior, so it is understandable that you may want to get it fixed. Replacement of the complete unit is quite expensive, that is why we try to encourage people to get it fixed by a professional at half price or do the screen or ribbon cable replacement at home on the tenth price. This very common display pixel failure is known on several units, like VW lcd display, dashboard instrument cluster (speedometer), MID, and radio units, OBC (on board computer), and SID, and happen to several CAR manufacturers that use Siemens VDO electronics such as BMW, Audi, VW, Seat, Mercedes, SAAB & Rover etc. – you will find almost every different model on our site.

SA1234 is a top-quality LCD display with ribbon/flat cable used in the instrument cluster or dashboard, for Porsche 911 996 (1998-2005). Need to heat bonding to PCB and you can follow the install instructions from some video on YouTube, it is quite easy and funny for you to get a solid installation even though you have no knowledge about it at all before.

The display works just like the original one. very good visual effect and stable performance! 2 years Full Warranty. It is an optimal choice for an OE replacement. SACER always provides its customers with Auto Electronic Control Modules in top quality and cost-effective price.

SACER is a steadily growing manufacturer funded by highly skilled and experienced electronic engineers in 2007, with a strong research and development capability, and a highly expert auto electronic repair solution provider, SACER has been ranking among the top in the automotive aftermarket of the electronic control modules. We have our own engineering team in Europe, together with more than 100 employees in China and we manage to create the Quality Bridge between European design and Chinese manufacture. So that we can meet a variety of customized requirements of customers worldwide.

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