Hearing a Siren When Driving a Skoda Fabia What Should You Do Next?

The Skoda Fabia is a fantastic car to drive, but sometimes a situation develops that you cannot have total control over. One of these circumstances is hearing an emergency siren when driving and dealing with it correctly. Many people panic when they hear a siren and make errors that can exacerbate the situation. Let’s take a closer look at this situation and how you should respond to it.

Maintaining Composure:

The first thing that you must try to do is maintain your composure and don’t panic. Even if they are blameless, some people freak out when they are being pulled over. The emergency vehicle driver will understand that you need time to respond, so take a few moments to evaluate the situation. Work out what you need to do, to stop or to make room.

Gain Information:

Before you make a move, check your blindspots and mirrors, establish what is going on around you. Many people, act too quickly and this can cause accidents. Every other driver in your vicinity is in the same boat as you, and they may drive erratically so take care. Once you understand your situation fully, you can make a more informed move.

Pulling Over Safely:

Usually, you will be pulling over to the left, into a slower lane or off the road completely. There is no hard and fast rule, and you will have to make the best decision for the current road conditions. As an example: if the left lane is clear, but the right lane is blocked you may have to stay where you are until a gap appears. Stay alert, keep an eye on the emergency vehicle and clear a path for them as soon as it is safe to do so.

Don’t Exploit the Situation:

Many drivers have been in this situation and seen it being exploited by other road users. When an emergency vehicle drives past, don’t slide in behind it and use the situation to drive faster. What this activity will result in a heavy fine is a police officer sees you doing it. The passage of an emergency vehicle is not an excuse to throw the rules out of the window. Once the emergency vehicle has passed simply pull safely back into the traffic and continue your journey normally.

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