Does Fuel Injector Cleaner Work?

This is amongst the most debatable questions when it comes to modern car maintenance practice. There are people who prefer choosing an injector cleaner every time they get fuel in the tank. While there are others who believe in injector cleaning with every oil change, whereas the some argue on getting it once a year. On the other hand, some people say it isn’t necessary at all. These are most of the mechanics offers an injection flush every time you take your vehicle to their shops. So who among all is right?

Whenever carbon deposits build up on the injectors, intake valves and ports, it leads engine to lose its power. As a result, it can affect the fuel economy. The OEM injector cleaner removes the carbon deposits from the engine parts in order to maximize the engine performance and its economy. The engine will not perform to the fullest without the proper fuel mixture.

How to diagnose the fuel injection system?

The scan tool can serve as the best way to clean the injection system. If you don’t have the latest tools, you can find various aftermarket injector tools in the market which are pretty easy to use. The long-term data obtained from aftermarket computer scan tools can help you to know fuel injector pulse width in order to ensure the correct average fuel mixture. When the injector becomes the flow restricted, the computer adjusts the fuel flow by opening the injector longer with the use of the long-term trim function.

Cleaning of Fuel Injectors

In case you find fuel injector restricted or leaking, there are various ways to clean them:

● A fuel injector cleaning chemical is available in the market that needs to be poured in the fuel tank. It gives a noticeable difference in power and drives ability. The only problem with them is that you cannot check its pattern and the filter is likely to get contaminants of cleaner.

● There is an aftermarket injector cleaner available that runs through rails and injectors. It uses strong chemicals and offers the similar disadvantage as above.

● You can also get the ultrasonic injector cleaner which is a preferred method to do so.

Fuel injector cleaning advantages

When the injector is flowing the correct amount fuel to every cylinder, the performance of the engine will be at its best offering the maximum power and economy. It is an integral part of vehicle’s maintenance and works best for the vehicle owner to ignore serious engine problems.

There are various companies in the market that offer high-quality auto spare parts and use choose the best products from them. The answer to the question “Does Fuel Injector Cleaner Work?” is yes. Remember, to choose the injector cleaner that works best with your fuel supply system. It is easily available to buy online in India. Depending on the vehicle’s requirement the fuel injector cost may vary.

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