Car Tuning Will Dramatically Change Its Overall Performance

In recent years car tuning has become the necessity for car makers to enjoy unleashed performance from their vehicle, which has declined due to its regular wear and tear. You will agree that last few years have witnessed dynamic hike in the fuel prices across the world that it has become difficult for the car owners to combat with them, especially by them whose cars are quite older say six to seven years old. Because, as the time passes there is decline in the fuel efficiency of the vehicle due to which the owners have to think for the other sources of transportation. To combat with this problem car tuning has emerged as the robust solution of the problem facilitating the owners of the cars to uncovered the hidden powers of their vehicle to a huge extent.

What is car tuning? In simple words car tuning may be defined as the process of modifying or altering the settings of the software installed in the engine control unit of the car. With changing technology, there is change in the technique of car manufacturing and today the mechanism of the car is controlled through computer software that is linked with the engine and the components integrated with it. Getting the car tuned by expert mechanic will make you win the half battle won while you are struggling with the poor performance of your car.

It would be important to mention that the scope of car tuning is not only restricted to the engine, but includes tuning of all those parts that are helpful in enhancing the overall performance of the vehicle. Let us know have a look about different types of car tuning options that are helpful in boosting its performance.

  1. Tuning an engine: There are two methods of engine tuning one remapping the engine control unit and second is replacing the performance chip. Interestingly replacing the chip is the latest and simplest method of improving the performance of any vehicle and highly applicable in the vehicles of the modern generation. The basic difference between engine, remapping and replacing the chip is that where remapping restricts you from going back to your previous setting where chipping facilitates you to install back your earlier chip if you are not satisfied with the performance of your car or going to sale it.
  2. Tuning the exhaust system: Upgrading the existing exhaust system with after market system can dramatically change the performance of your car to a certain extent. The main objective of the exhaust system is to throw hazardous gases resulting as the mixture of fuel, heat, air inside the engine. But as the time passes there is decline in working efficiency of an engine, thus increasing the emission levels of your vehicle. Moreover the exhaust system installed by the manufacturer is mainly of low material due to which there is damage to the system also, installing the aftermarket exhaust system will help in not only allowing the smooth flow of gases from the engine but also minimizing the levels of emission too.
  3. Upgrading the braking system: As tuning enhances the power and torque generation efficiency of the vehicle it is necessary that the components associated with the engine should also be compatible to it. Upgrading the existing engine system will also require you to upgrading the existing brake system of your auto so that you are able to retain proper control on it. Nevertheless an upgraded engine will deliver an improved performance only when the components integrated with are also upgraded accordingly.
  4. After market air filters: Installing the aftermarket air filter is although the simplest and easiest methods of tuning the engine of your car. The new air filter will help in not only boosting the power generation efficiency of the vehicle but also enhancing its fuel efficiency. There are different types of induction kits also available in the markets, which are helpful in smoothing flow of air between injection system and air box.

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