Austin, Texas, Car Buyer – When is a Junk Car Too Old to Sell?

To many consumers, the term “junk car” describes a vehicle that has been driven for years and finally stopped working, as the owner tried to get a few more miles out of the jalopy. This description applies to many cars that an Austin, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard routinely purchases.

However, most professionally operated junkyards also have a wide selection of relatively new cars (e.g., 2010 and up), in addition to older models. After learning this, some owners of junkers who want to “sell my car for cash” ask some understandable questions. First, do junkyards prefer new model vehicles over old models? Second, if old models are purchased, is there a point at which they’re too old to sell?

To educate you on your options for selling junker to an Austin, Texas, car buyer that purchases end-of-life vehicles, let’s take a look at both questions.

Do junkyards prefer late models over earlier models?

In many cases, an Austin, Texas, car buyer of junk cars prefers late models over new models. It has nothing to do with the business’ taste in vehicles. Rather, it’s because late model junkers often have parts that are in the highest demand, as many consumers still drive the cars. Keeping late model cars in stock can literally lead to a higher volume of parts sold.

Is there a point when early models are too old to sell?

Technically, no car is too old to sell, as long as enough consumers drive it to create a market for junkyard parts for the vehicle. For example, if you have a 15-year-old reliability vehicle – such as a Honda Accord or a Toyota Corolla – then your early model car would likely still be in demand.

Many drivers who want to get the longest life from these makes and models commonly drive them over 250,000 miles. When the vehicles malfunctions, they often prefer to buy an inexpensive replacement part to keep them going. So, they head to a junkyard to source the necessary replacement part.

Interested in Selling an Early or Late Model Junker?

If so, a junkyard would like to examine the car to see if it needs the vehicle in the inventory. Junkyards buy a wide variety of vehicles: foreign and domestic, early model and late model, and used vehicles that are still good for transportation. Call a professionally operated junkyard today!

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