Advice From Your Prestige Honda Dealer Extend The Life of Your Tyres

The tyres on our cars have to stand up to a lot to keep us safe and ensure our comfort. Replacing them can be expensive and extending the life of our tyres can save money. Checking your tyres regularly and maintaining them, will ensure that can keep their grip, last longer and help you to save fuel. Let’s take a look at some practical tips that will help you to extend the useful life of your tyres.

Checking the Condition of Your Tyres:

When you look at your car tyres, examine for any early signs that might indicate stress or damage. This could include warning signs, such as bulging, excessive wear and punctures. Some damage can be easily repaired if it’s detected early enough and even it this is not the case, a damaged tyre is not safe.

Checking the Tyre Pressures:

The tyre pressures for your car are clearly stated in the owner’s manual for easy reference. They are vitally important; a flat tyre can easily overheat, and this will result in more rubber being left on the tarmac and premature wear and tear. If the tyre is overinflated, it will not have enough contact with the road surface, and this will lead to uneven wear across the surface of the tyre.

The pressure of your tyres should be checked at least once per month and before any extended trip. A pressure gauge is a good investment, but any petrol station will have a reasonably accurate gauge for inflating tyres. Under Inflated tyres may be obvious at a glance if the handling on your car is sluggish and turning the steering wheel is harder than usual. Always, check the spare tyre as you never know when you might need it and check tyre pressures when the tyre is cool to get the most accurate reading.

Checking Wheel Alignment:

If you notice that you have uneven wear on your tyres, your wheels may not be aligned correctly. This is easy to confirm yourself; simply hold the steering wheel straight and see if the car runs true. If the car veers off to one side, the wheels are not aligned. This usually occurs, during a low speed collision or if a kerb is hit when parking. A tyre fitter can easily correct this problem for you and whilst there you can get them to rotate your tyres for you.

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