A Short Analysis of The Mot Exam

Being a responsible vehicle owner, you must get the MOT certification of your vehicle when it is more than 3 years old from the date of manufacturing. As per the ministry of transportation in the UK, it is crucial for all vehicles over 3 years old to have an MOT certificate to run on the road. The certificate is the representation of the roadworthiness of the vehicle and certifies that it is fit to be on the roads. This certificate must be updated once every year. For that, the vehicle owner must ensure the best condition of the vehicle so that it passes all the levels of the MOT. If you are a new driver, this blog will inform you all about MOT, and things that you must assess.

Things to Assess Before Your Mot

An MOT test can be easily passed if you sincerely take care of your vehicle. Looking after the basic needs and requirements of your vehicle and providing timely repairs and replacement will enable you to pass the MOT derby hassle-free. However, there are a few things that you must assess to avoid falling into the pitfalls of failing the MOT. Some of the most overlooked aspects of the car are the ones that lead to MOT failure. Therefore, listed below are the pointers that you must get inspected before you appear for the MOT.

You must keep your vehicle neat and clean. If your vehicle is dirty, it might lead the MOT inspector not to carry on with the exam.

  1. The number plates of your vehicle should be clean and readable. You must not use any fancy font on the number plate.
  2. Before the MOT, make sure the windscreen wipers, lights, tyres, treads, etc. are in the best condition.
  3. The mirrors in your vehicle must be clean and intact with vehicle. It will ensure that you use them suitably.
  4. Your vehicle identification number must match with the records of the V5C logbook, as marked on the bodywork of your vehicle.

When to Get a Mot?

As per the rules of the ministry of transportation in the UK, once a vehicle is 3 years older from the date of manufacturing, it is eligible for the MOT test. This test must be attempted once every year. Once the vehicle passes the MOT, the owner will get the MOT certificate that will be the date of the test mentioned on it along with its expiry. It will help you to know about the next time you need to attempt the MOT test.

However, if your vehicle fails the MOT, you will not get the certificate. At such times, you must take your car to a trusted garage, and fix all the issues that led the vehicle to fail the test. Ask the garage expert to inspect the car before you appear for the retest. You must, at all times, meet the minimal standard of the vehicle’s roadworthiness.

In case you have lost the MOT certificate of your vehicle, you can always ask for a representative from the official website of the ministry of transportation. By putting the registration number and your car’s manufacturing, you can either download the certificate or place an order of reprinting. On the official website, you can also check the status of your MOT.

What Gets Covered in the Mot?

An MOT is a thorough inspection of the vehicle and takes plenty of time to ensure the roadworthiness of the vehicle. Therefore, you must be prepared for the test to take anything between 45 minutes to 2 and a half hours. After all, several things get covered in the MOT. Listed below are some of the areas that get covered in the test:

  1. Steering wheel
  2. Horns and electrical equipment
  3. Tyres and wheels
  4. Suspensions
  5. Vehicle identification number
  6. Brakes
  7. Mirrors, windscreen and wipers
  8. Exhaust and emissions
  9. Seat belts and seats.

The above-mentioned pointers must be kept in mind to understand what gets covered in the MOT. However, there are exemptions as well. If a car is 40 years and above, it doesn’t need to appear for an MOT test.

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